Fundraising for Families in Need

Hannah Strahmann, Staff Writer

Adopt-a-Family is a time full of excitement, but can also create some stresshere’s getting gifts, collecting money, getting everything to the families, and fundraisers. When it comes to fundraisers, there are many different possibilities for what to do. There can be bake sales, dance parties, and really anything you can think of.


Ms. Mauch’s homeroom is a currently a Lobo 101 class that is getting teachers to volunteer themselves to get “pied” in the face. Students and teachers will go and pay to get a pie and put it in the teacher’s face. Each one costs $5 and the money made will go to the homeroom class of the teacher who got pied. There are six teachers participating in this: Mr. Mackenzie, Ms. Bart, Mr.Meyer, Ms. Olssen, Ms. Mauch, and Ms. McCarthy. This fundraiser takes place on November 30th.


Another class that is having a fundraiser for Adopt-a-Family is Mr. Knobloch. They are having their fundraiser on the Rocks December 7th during 2nd period. His class is planning on selling pancakes for $2 or “Knobloch’s Special Pancakes” will be sold for $3. At the Rocks, you can get these pancakes, pet Bella, play XBox, or have a dance party.


Even though these fundraisers sound like a great time, I always wonder if people are willing to give up their money to another homeroom’s family.


Torie Wolf said, “I don’t want to give up my money. I’m a part of the DECA fundraiser so that is where I want my money to go.” Senior Trevor Hash stated, “No, I want my class to win and our family to get that money.”


Both Torie and Trevor give good points, however, both seniors Alex Martinez and Alex Engelhardt disagreed with them. Alex Engelhardt said, “Adopt-a-Family is a school effort and I wanna help everyone as best as I can.” Alex Martinez explained, “It’s like ‘High School Musical’ we’re all in this together.”


So whether or not you are willing to give your money to a different homeroom or keep it to your own, it is Adopt-a-Family season and it’s time to collect money, clothes, and presents for families that could use our help.