Stan Lee

Spencer Nelson, Staff Writer

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The man, the myth, the legend Stan Lee. Stan Lee was a memorable man who started his adult life by joining the army and repairing telephone/communications devices and ending it by doing what he loved–creating entertaining comics for all to enjoy.

Originally named Stan Martin Lieber, Lee was born on December 28, 1922, in Manhattan, New York. He had a rough childhood that spanned The Great Depression, but he had a strong family who all supported each other. Lee attended DeWitt Clinton High School in the Bronx. He enjoyed and excelled in writing. He had dreams of writing popular novels and becoming a famous publisher.

In high school, Lee worked part-time jobs to help support his family. Some of his early jobs included writing obituaries for a news company and press releases for the National Tuberculosis Center. Lee graduated from high school at 16 ½ , and went to work for the WPA Federal Theater Project during The Depression.

Lee eventually joined Timely Comics, which grew into Marvel. Lee’s first job at the new establishment was not fun. Lee recalled in 2009, “I went down and got them their lunch. I did proofreading and I erased the pencils from the finished pages for them.”

Lee decided to make a change for the better and his comic debut with the “Captain America Foils the Traitor’s Revenge” was published in May of 1941. Lee joined the comic industry at a good time because through the 1930s to 1950s comics were gaining notoriety and everyone wanted a them.

Lee built a name for himself and got the opportunity to co-create “The Destroyer.” As Lee was getting promoted to lead publisher he made the decision to put his career on pause and joined the United States Army.

Lee put his publishing career aside fought in World War ll as a member of the Signal Corps, repairing communication devices. Lee’s hard work throughout his life paid off and he excelled being relieved of his duties in the World War and was inducted into the Signal Corps Regimental Association and was given honorary membership of the 2nd Battalion of 3rd U.S. Infantry Regiment.

Stanley Martin Lieber was great man who inspired many people, comic writers, and brought smiles to peoples faces and taught them if they have a drive they can accomplish anything in life.

Stan Lee has not only had an impact on writers’ lives, but even on mine. Stan Lee’s comics were always something I read as a kid because Stan Lee’s comics affected what kids did in their afternoons, such as pretending to be a hero or villain and that memory stays in people’s minds. Stan Lee was a special man and he will be missed. Rest in peace, Stanley Martin Lieber.