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Black Ops 4: Review

Jason Bishop Jr, Staff Writer

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The makers of the all too well-known “Call of Duty” franchise have released yet another addition to the collection. “Call of Duty: Black Ops 4” has turned what we expect out of a first person game upside down and it is now something totally new.


Released on October 12th, 2018, “Black Ops 4” hit the shelves in just about every major retail store and just about anywhere that sold games. It was the biggest one day release for sales in the company’s history. The company added many changes including the dismissal of the single-player campaign for the new Blackout mode. Blackout is Call of Duty’s new battle royale mode that now is the biggest attraction in the gaming world. In the Blackout mode, it offers a battle pass like the popular game, “Fortnite.” But unlike “Fortnite,” Blackouts’ battle pass is completely free and can be obtained just by leveling up and playing the game. It also includes the old characters from all the other Black ops games.


The multiplayer mode is just like any other multiplayer mode in any Call of Duty game. The only new things added are the characters, maps, and guns which are all remastered from past Black op games. Each character comes with their own set of skills that are valuable for your team’s success.  Like every normal Call of Duty, the multiplayer section is filled with different modes that you can choose from. Some include, team deathmatch, capture the flag, and the huge fan favorite, gun game.


With every Black Ops game, the fans of the “Call of Duty” expect an outstanding zombies mode. This year’s zombie maps include IX, Voyage of Despair, and Blood of the Dead. The Map IX is a gladiator-based map with not only zombies, but tigers. Voyage of Despair is a tale of a group of four who try to steal an ancient artifact off the Titanic, but everything goes wrong. Blood of the Dead is a map where you’re set in Alcatraz and just have to survive. All the maps include guns on walls where you can buy the guns faster and of course they have the famous mystery boxes where you can get a random weapon for 950 points.


Overall, this game has a lot of promise and should definitely be checked out. It won’t be hard to find because it’s practically everywhere. It can be found at your nearest Walmart, Gamestop or any game store. In my opinion, this game is the most fun out of the Call of Duties. I truly recommend this game for anyone who loves a fast paced first-person shooter.

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  1. Nate Wozniak on November 12th, 2018 12:32 pm

    Where’s the fall play review?

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