Teacher Talk: Getting to know Mr. Robinson


Sydney Olsen

History teacher John Robinson can be found in room 400 or in his office in Maroon Bells.

Mr. Robinson is a history and government teacher at Rocky Mountain High School. He has been a teacher at Rocky for his whole 19-year teaching career. In addition, he also student taught and was a full-time substitute teacher at Rocky. He was born in Chicago, Illinois, and raised in a town right outside of Chicago called Des Plaines.


Robinson went to University of Illinois with an academic scholarship. “I had a full ride scholarship from the Lieutenant Governor of Illinois to any in-state school. The scholarship was called the ‘General Assembly Scholarship,” he said.  Robinson moved to Colorado in 1996, at age 24, to go to graduate school at Colorado State University.  


For two years, Robinson majored in engineering, but he then switched to a dual degree. For his first degree, he majored in rhetoric in English with a minor in mathematics and for the second degree, he majored in U.S. history with a minor in Asian history.



Robinson was inspired to become a teacher because of a childhood friend. “I have a childhood friend I grew up with and he currently teaches in Brighton, but way back, like 20 years ago, he taught at Lake Middle School in Denver, Colorado, and I actually shadowed him and saw the great impact he had on his student’s lives and the impact he had on the community and I knew that I wanted to do the same,” Robinson explained.


When asked about Rocky he said, “I like teaching at Rocky because there is something special at Rocky. As a school, we try to capture it in our pack principles, but it goes beyond that with developing relationships in our community. And I really feel like other schools strive for that and we really have it down.”


Robinson has two sons who go to Rocky as well. “It’s awesome having two of my sons here and that means a lot to me because we live in the community and they have really grown up at Rocky. They were coming to Adopt-a-Family and trick-or-treating at Trick-or-Treat Street and now they are here helping out with all of that. And Mr. Knierim and I have talked about that because it was the same thing with his kids. It really does mean a lot to me. Those values they have developed at Rocky and now that they are on the other end of it means a lot to me,” he said.


Robinson would love to help and teach any student at Rocky. He is a really intuitive teacher to have and to talk to. Students can find Robinson and his sense of humor in Maroon Bells, Room 400, or in his office in the Maroon Bells teacher’s office. Stop by his classroom or office and introduce yourself, he would love to get to know you.