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There's something for everyone here at Rocky. Book Club is great for readers to get together and chat about books.

There's something for everyone here at Rocky. Book Club is great for readers to get together and chat about books.

Sean Kidd, Staff Writer

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Rocky Mountain High School has many different activities available to students, such as athletics, arts, and more, but there is one thing at Rocky that sometimes gets overlooked and that is the dozens of clubs.

RMHS has 50+ clubs waiting for members with open arms. “People either don’t know about the clubs, are scared to go, or really don’t know how good the clubs actually are,” said Stuco member Allie Reynolds.

If you are looking, for new friends, activities, or even if you are just bored, joining a club is a great solution, and will get you more involved in the RMHS community. The Highlighter put together a list of some of the many clubs available to Rocky students.

The Environmental Club has helped with events around Fort Collins and has even set up a private pond for Rocky.

Students run and organize events for the Environmental club.

The Environmental Club meets at 11:30 every Wednesday at lunch in room 512. During their meeting time they come up with solutions to make the earth a healthier and cleaner place. After brainstorming these ideas they come with projects they can do around the Rocky and Fort Collins community to make it a cleaner place.


The Drama Club meets every Monday after school at 3:00 pm. They act out skits, plays, and end the year by performing plays in the auditorium. This is a place where people can express their feelings and not get judged for it. If you have any questions you can see Mrs.Thompson with questions.

The Book Club has access to over 1500 books in all the genres you can think of.

The Book Club meets every Friday in room 221 to read and discuss books. If you like reading, this is definitely the club for you. You get free books and free pizza the last Friday of every month. Not only do you get to read, get free books and pizza, but you can also use the books you read in this club for book reports or reading circles in class. You can read any genre you want and talk about your book with other people who have the same genre.

Key Club helps students find ways to help the community, whether independently or whole Club projects.

The Key Club is a club that goes out in the community and volunteers or does service work. This club is sponsored by the local Fort Collins Kiwanis Club. The main purpose of this club is to make the community a better place, but one benefit of joining this club is that you can put all the volunteer jobs on your college and job resume. Meetings are at lunch every Monday in room 407.

The Cultural Arms Club holds a Culture Fest in the cafeteria. Featuring all sorts of cultures set up with their own individual table. Last year The Club went on a field trip to a diversity meeting.

The Cultural Arms Club is a club that learns about all different sorts of cultures and ethnicities. You can learn everything about a culture and their music, food, and traditions. This is a place where people can share things about their own culture. If you’re looking for new friends this is a great club to join.

The Wellness Club sponsors Wellness Day in the spring.

The Wellness Team is a club that’s main goal is to keep the Rocky community healthy. A big misconception about this club is that it’s all about physical health. Although physical health is a focus in this club, that is only one half of it. The other half is mental health. The Wellness Club wants Rocky to be a safe community where everyone can feel safe in their own skin. If you want to be a part of this, meetings are at lunch every Friday in room 309. If you have questions find Mrs. Quiros.


These are only six of the many clubs at Rocky and doesn’t even include the student initiated clubs. Students at Rocky can start their own clubs for specific interests. The Hacky Sack Club is one example of a student initiated club. Mrs. Nickel has more information for students wanting to start their own club. For all other clubs, the front office has more information on every club.