You Got Your First Job. Now What?

Poudre Pet and Feed Supply is one of the many local businesses who hire high school students.

Sydney Olsen

Poudre Pet and Feed Supply is one of the many local businesses who hire high school students.

Sydney Olsen, Staff Writer

Getting your first job means many things. You are becoming more independent, you have more responsibility, you are earning your own money, you are learning new things almost every day, and so much more.


There are an endless number of do’s and don’ts when getting a new job. Before you start your new job, you need to know what is expected of you so that.


When starting a new job, you will be the newbie. Depending on the size of the company you are working for, you could go through training classes, like King Soopers or Walmart; they teach you the things you must know before actually starting. If you are working for a smaller, local company, like Poudre Pet and Feed Supply or The Human Bean, you may just get trained along the way and learn more while doing than listening.


However, when you get trained at a job it is important to ask questions so you know what is expected of you and to clear up and doubts or miscommunication.


Another important skill to master at a new job is listening; listen to what you are being asked to do by other employees and or your boss. Listen to the customers so you can help them as much as possible. Listening can help you hear something or understand something that someone else may not have heard or even know and you could help someone else.


Always remember that everyone started out as a newbie and if you master asking questions and listening, these skills will help you be successful at not only your job, but school and your personal life as well.


Starting out as a newbie, you must know what not to do at a job as well. Students at a new job must understand that a job is a professional work environment, not a place to hangout or fool around. This means not standing around looking at your phone, ignoring customers, talking to coworkers about your weekend, acting casual as if you were in school or outside of work.  


These things are not acceptable and can lead to disciplinary action from your boss and show how immature you are. It may also lead to customer complaints, which can look bad for the company and possibly get you fired.


Your first job should be exciting, fun, and a good learning experience. Taking a job seriously, asking questions, and listening are  important skills that can help you in life as well. Always take responsibility for what is asked of you, even when you fail. It’s the best way to learn what not to do next time. Doing these things will help establish good habits, build confidence, and create a good work ethic for all aspects of your life.  


Show your boss you have a good work ethic and, who knows, it could lead to a raise.

When I got my first job, I wish I would have known is how much of my life it would consume. ”

— Erin Hutcheson, Senior