Fighting to Kentucky

Evan Johnson, Staff Writer

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On Friday, September 21st, the varsity football team is headed to Kentucky. The football team has been very excited ever since the news broke. This week five match-up has a lot of pressure building around it.

But why is Rocky going out of state in the middle of the season to play? Originally in week five, the Lobos were scheduled to play Legend High School. During week two the coaches found out that Legend wanted to cancel because of mistakes that they made in their scheduling.

This resulted in Rocky having a bye week in week five. The coaches unanimously decided that they wanted to play that week instead of having a week off. After this, Coach Brook sent a notice out for all coaches in the country, asking if anyone was available to play that week. After a couple days, South Warren High School in Bowling Green accepted the game request, and the Bo’s were headed to Kentucky.

The team may be off to a rough start being 1-3, but the two touchdown win over Mountain Vista was the result of diligent practice and hard work in the film room since week one.

When asked about being 1-3 and heading to Kentucky, running back Sean Kidd said, “The whole team needs to be more committed as a whole and put all of their effort and time into this sport.”

Linebacker Jared Kinney added, “We need to play with pride for Rocky and make sure to not forget the basics, we need just play our game.”

The South Warren High School Spartans have come off to a fast start with a record of 4-0. South Warren was 15-0 in 2014 and 2016 with back-to-back state championships and are looking to get another. South Warren also happens to be 521st in the nation while Rocky is 8209th. It will be a battle, but the ‘Bos are looking to come out on top while on the road.

Fans who can’t make it to Bowling Green can watch the live broadcast on September 21st.