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Rocky Needs Thicker Water

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Rocky Needs Thicker Water

The water station in the quiet study area takes 27.11 seconds to fill a 32 fl. oz. Nalgene bottle.

The water station in the quiet study area takes 27.11 seconds to fill a 32 fl. oz. Nalgene bottle.

Erin Hutcheson

The water station in the quiet study area takes 27.11 seconds to fill a 32 fl. oz. Nalgene bottle.

Erin Hutcheson

Erin Hutcheson

The water station in the quiet study area takes 27.11 seconds to fill a 32 fl. oz. Nalgene bottle.

Hannah Strahmann, Staff Writer

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“0 out of 10””

— Jade Vandel

You just got out of first period and you ended up drinking all of your water  When you finally get to the water fountain, there are at least fifteen people already in line. You decide to wait in the line because you know you will need water to survive your next class. You reach the front of the line and hear the three minute bell ring, and there are four people still behind you.


On top of that your water bottle isn’t the size of a plastic water bottle, it is a Nalgene that holds 32 fl. oz. of water. While you are filling it up, you feel the nervousness of not making it to class on time and the anxiety of making the people behind you late. So instead of waiting for your water to fill up all the way, you let it fill up about half way and just leave to go to your class.


At Rocky, there are seven water filling stations. The fountain right before entering Maroon Bells, the one next to the Maroon Bells bathroom, in the quiet study area, next to the athletic doors, outside of the women’s locker room, right before the cafeteria, the music hall, and the southwest corner.


“Four of the water fountains were a gift from the senior class three years ago and the other three were given by the building,” said Mr. Stapleton, Dean of Students.


There are seven choices to fill up a water bottle, and the most frequently used, with the longest line, is the water fountain right outside of the Maroon Bells bathroom, which also happens to be the slowest.


The following is how long it takes to fill a Nalgene bottle at each of the water fountains ranked  from slowest to fastest.


Outside the Maroon Bells bathroom: 34.53 seconds

The athletic doors: 30.53 seconds

The music hall: 28.16 seconds

Outside of the women’s locker room: 28.05 seconds

The cafeteria: 27.52 seconds

Before entering Maroon Bells: 27.35 seconds

Quiet study area: 27.11 seconds

Southwest corner: 26.48 seconds

On average: 28.71  seconds 


A little math tells me that it would take two people one minute to fill up their water if both of them have a Nalgene or a Hydro Flask. In a ten minute passing period, that allows only sixteen people to completely fill their water bottle.


With the amount of water bottle filling stations, and how long it takes to fill a water bottle, only one hundred and twelve students in Rocky have the chance to fill their water bottles up daily in a school that has over two thousand students.


Jenna Giffin, a senior at Rocky, said, “No one wants to stand there awkwardly filling up their water.” Senior Libby Truett added, “I wish it came out faster.”


It isn’t just awkward to stand and wait almost 30 seconds to fill a water bottle, but it takes away from class when a student asks to go fill up their water.


Mr. Knierim explained the inconvenience it causes for teachers as well, “It doesn’t come out fast enough and I sometimes have to wait in line because I don’t want to cut in front.” Mrs. Ruffner added, “I want it to be colder and have more pressure.”


Clearly, Rocky deserves thicker, faster water. Not only does it take time away from the student’s ten minute passing period, but it also takes time away from time in class when their half full water bottle is now empty.

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  1. gabe thicc water on September 20th, 2018 9:36 am

    lmao thicc water

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Rocky Needs Thicker Water