One of the many entertaining performances at Mr. RMHS

Payton Perkins

One of the many entertaining performances at Mr. RMHS

Thursday, March 22nd, Rocky Stuco held Mr. RMHS which is known as a “male beauty pageant” for senior boys who are voted on by their classmates and then selected to be a part of the event.


Mr. RMHS is more than just a fun night, it’s also a charity event. Every guy involved picked a cause they wanted to donate to and then throughout the weeks leading up to the event they raised money.


This event started five years ago and was originally in coordination with the Make-a-Wish Foundation; it has been adapted from there. It’s a fun thing for the seniors to do before they graduate and it’s also a good way to give back to the community and to raise money for particular causes.


The senior contestants were: Parker Engstrom, Jordan Naumburg, Peter Quaderel, Mac Graves, Jack McDonald, Christian Atherton, Nicolas (Nic) Chelales, Aaron Lambert, Teagan Liufau, and Herman Chavez.


Parker’s talent was dancing the Napoleon Dynamite dance. The crowd found the dance entertaining and was impressed with how well he performed the routine.


Jordan’s talent was tech deck. He came out onto stage with an actual skateboard and tried to impress the crowd with his tricks, although it backfired when he fell. He then went on to show everyone his tech deck skills.


Peter stunned the crowd by playing the piano, flipping, and singing “God’s Plan” by Drake, as he was singing along to “God’s Plan,” he threw out gold chocolate coins to the crowd.


Mac and Jack teamed up for stand-up comedy, roasting the other Mr. RMHS participants and let’s just say … ouch.


Christian and Teagan teamed up to sing and dance to the song “Finesse” by Bruno Mars.


Nic killed his talent of dancing with the help of the dance team. He started out singing and after struggling to change into his dance outfit, moved into a performance that wowed the crowd.

Aaron performed a scene from “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” for his talent.

Herman impressed the crowd by playing his cello. The song, while not well known, was beautiful.


This years “pageant” categories included: group dance, swim suit, interview, formal wear, and individual talents. At the end of the night, the judges decided the winner of the “pageant” and the winner of Mr. Big Heart.


After careful consideration they declared Jack McDonald the winner of Mr. Big Heart with the charity Hero Pups and Nicolas Chelales was the overall “pageant” winner as his dance with the dance team tipped him over the edge.