From the Archives


The first published edition of Rocky Mountain’s first newspaper, Canis Lupus. (1973)

The Highlighter is introducing another category our website called, From the Archives. This will allow students access to articles published in previous editions of the newspaper as well as contrast articles and profiles on teachers you can still find in the hallways of Rocky Mountain High School.

Being able to pull stories from the archives allows The Highlighter to showcase growth within the school as well as the similarities between the issues that students faced during the early years at Rocky Mountain as well as issues that students face today.

Not only does it allow for students to look back on the past and see how far Rocky has come as a school, but it’s also a fun way for students to learn more about the school that they attend every day. Fun independent pieces may also be printed, short stories, and old comics that students enjoyed from the older editions.

Be sure to check back in to see “new-old” articles and learn more about Rocky’s history.