Student Deals 4 Students

Emma Mackey , Staff Writer



As students in high school, we tend to spend our money impetuously and not always thoughtfully. Since we don’t have the responsibility of adults quite yet, but often have our first jobs, we have money to spend on the things that we want more than the things that we need. There are companies though, that recognize that the income of a student is less than an adult and offer deals and discounts for those of us who are still trying to get educated.


Since Rocky offers an open campus for lunch, this allows even the freshmen to venture out to eat at places other than the cafeteria. Places like Qdoba, Pulcinellas, Berry Blendz and Gib’s Bagels are even within walking distance. For students with their licenses the food opportunities only grow. It helps to know which places around town are willing to offer a discount.


If you’re headed to Chick-fil-a (a popular location for lunch) they don’t have any regular student discounts, but they do offer deals if you download their app and attend their event nights. Subway has a newly integrated point system if you join the Subway Rewards Program which offers you deals after you earn a certain number of points.  TCBY offers a similar app, which includes their rewards program as well. These are deals that are currently available, but businesses may change their policies at any time. For example, Qdoba no longer offers free drinks to students, but they do regularly put out coupons and deals offering free queso and buy-one-get-one entrees, while also being a part of the app called Pocket Points and their own Qdoba app. You should also always be on the lookout for coupons in the mail and online.


Apps like Pocket Points are a great way for students to earn discounts for the brands and places that they like to shop. The app simply has you create an account and while on campus, turn off your phone with the app still open. As long as your phone is locked you will be earning points that you can save up and use at places such as Qdoba, New Balance, Barnes and Noble and Panda Express. It’s a great way to save money while you’re just working in class and it can get you some really great deals.


Food isn’t the only thing that students can receive discounts for though. Places like Apple and Sony offer students gift cards for buying laptops and phones; things that will be more applicable as many high school students go on to college.


Other corporations, such as AMC offer deals to students as a way to save money when seeking entertainment. An advertisement for teenagers for the month of March, is a $5 Coke and popcorn for a movie of your choice. This is something that interested students can redeem from their website, along with the discounted student tickets that are available every Thursday.


Places like Banana Republic and Ann Taylor both offer 15% discounts off full price purchases if you’re able to present them with your student ID–if you don’t mind driving to Loveland where both stores are located.


Many magazines and newspapers also offer discounted subscription prices for students still enrolled in school. Papers like The New York Times will provide a discount based on your location and The Wall Street Journal will only charge students $1 a week for 15 weeks for access to their news. Popular magazines such as Entertainment Weekly also offer $5 off student subscriptions.


For students leaving high school, many insurance companies will offer discounts upwards of 20% for keeping good grades. Insurance companies such as State Farm, Geico, Allstate, Farmers and several others are willing to help ease the financial burden for kids who pursue high grades and GPAs.


As students become more and more keen on spending their own money, it’s good to know ways that you can do it wisely–things that you can do to better manage your finances. There are plenty of ways for kids to take advantage of the deals and promotions going on around town, just look a little and chances are that you’ll find one.