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A Battle Worth Fighting

Annabel Lasher and Camille Dunn

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Rocky Mountain High School is known for its caring and supportive atmosphere. When two of our own were diagnosed with brain cancer, we came together as a community to offer support during this difficult time.


Taylor Bastian, a former student at Rocky Mountain, was packing to start his new journey at Boise State University when he had a massive seizure. After being taking to the ER, having several CAT Scans and MRIs, the doctors had found two tumor growths on the center and right side of his brain. On August 18, 2017, Taylor was diagnosed with grade IV Glioblastoma brain cancer.


For over ten days straight, junior Kate Prewett was having major headaches. When she explained the slight tingling and weakness in the right side of her head, her doctors were thrown off and she was sent to the hospital. On August 19, 2017, the doctors found three tumors and Kate was also diagnosed with grade IV Glioblastoma brain cancer.


As soon as the Rocky community found out about Kate and Taylor’s new adjustment to their life, we stepped in and did everything we could to help.  From fundraisers to overall support, Rocky made both Taylor and Kate’s journey more comforting.


On September 9, 2017, RMHS hosted a tailgate to raise money and awareness to support Kate and Taylor. As a community we sold hot dogs and chips and the money went to help Taylor and Kate in any way it could.


Kate and Taylor would like everyone to know how thankful and appreciative they are for all of the support Rocky has given. Kate said, “Thank you. You guys have been so supportive and thank you so much.”


Kate traveled to Denver in December to start a clinical trial that will target the cancer cells and shrink them. This procedure has worked on adults and the doctors are figuring out the right dosage for pediatrics.  


Taylor is also getting started in a semi-clinical trial called Optune that will reduce the mitosis in the cancer cells. To pass his time, Taylor comes to visit his teachers at RMHS and continues to bring a smile to everyone’s face. He will start taking online classes for Computer Sciences at Boise State University in the spring of 2018, and he hopes to move to Boise to start his second semester in the fall.


When times are tough, people tend to brush it off like it hasn’t happened. The Rocky community will never forget the battle that Taylor and Kate are going through and will continue to offer support to these two brave Lobos.

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The Community Experience of Rocky Mountain High School
A Battle Worth Fighting