The Hottest Christmas Gifts This Year


Christmas tree

Sydney Olsen, Staff Writer

Christmas is near, which means the shopping season for friends and family is here. This is what is trending for Christmas gifts this year!

For kids, the number one Christmas gift this year is Finger Monkeys. These small interactive animals are about$16 at toy stores. These monkeys come in many different colors. The toy hangs on a finger, blinks its eyes, turn its head, blows kisses, swing by its tails, and talks in monkey language.

Sadly, if you wanted one of these small fingerlings, good luck because they are sold out at every toy store this Christmas season. Another highly rated gift for kids this year is Feisty Pets. These soft stuffed animals look cute and sweet, but when you squeeze them, they become very scary and angry. There are different animals to choose from including Karl the Snarl, Princess Pottymouth, and Junkyard Jeff. These angry little pets cost around $20 at Walmart and on Amazon.

Looking for a Christmas gift for the important man in your life? One of the most popular gifts for men this holiday season is the newly designed Chuck Taylor II’s. These new shoes are one of the top Christmas gifts this season because it’s the first time in over 100 years Converse has updated the shoe. The shoes are about $75 and you can purchase them on the official Converse site or some local shoe store.

Another loved Christmas gift this season for men would be the new Apple Airpods. These earbuds go for about $160 and you can buy them on the official Apple website and your local Best Buy store. These wireless Bluetooth earbuds made by Apple feature new user interactions like removing an AirPod from one’s ear causes playback to pause and vice versa, and double tapping them can either activate Siri, or play, or pause playback.

Need a gift that every woman would be sure to love this Christmas season? One of the best gifts to get this season would be the Coco Chanel Mademoiselle perfume. This perfume was rated the number one perfume in 2017. Though the scent was released spring of 2001, it has recently become a new favorite. It has top notes of bergamot and orange, a heart of jasmine and vanilla. The price of one of these bottles is around $100 and can be purchased on the official Chanel website, makeup stores, and more local stores.

Another highly rated gift this season would be weighted blankets. These $100+ blankets provide pressure and can be used as a calming tool or for sleep. The pressure of the blanket provides proprioceptive input to the brain and releases a hormone called serotonin which is a calming chemical in the body. These cozy blankets can be purchased on Amazon and at your local Target.

The number one Christmas gift for families this year is a game called “Speak Out” which sells for about $13 at Target and Walmart. This game comes with 200 double sided cards, 10 mouth pieces, and a timer. The point of this game is for one player to put in a mouthpiece which stretches their mouth out so it is difficult to speak. The player with the mouthpiece reads something off a game card and their teammate must correctly guess what they are saying to win the card in the time given; the team with the most cards at the end of the game, wins. It is hilarious and fun.

A fun tech gift for families this year is the new and improved Amazon Echo.This new design has a new speaker,and shape and is available in a range of styles including fabrics and wood veneers. For $100 on and at your local Best Buy, you can now ask for a song, artist, or genre from Amazon Music, Spotify, Pandora, and more. With multi-room music, you can play music on compatible Echo devices in different rooms. Echo can also play audiobooks, radio stations, news briefs, and so much more.

These hot holiday gifts will be loved and appreciated by everyone in your life!