Thor: Ragnarok

Sydney Olsen, Staff Writer

Almost everyone knows the world famous superheroes from Marvel. Each hero has a unique background and their own way of fighting and saving the world. Some have special powers, some just fight, and some just get angry and smash things, but the point is that a lot of people have heard of these heroes whether they have read the comics and seen the movies or not.


Marvel has created a whole world based on  superheroes. They have become so big that movies have been made for every one of these characters. All of the movies lead up to two big parts of a saga called the infinity wars, where every Marvel superhero comes together to fight one  big battle.


Starting in 2008, the very first Marvel movie came out, “Iron Man.” For almost 10 years now, Marvel has been very successful with their movies, earning $714,766,572 worldwide. Their most recent release is “Thor: Ragnarok.”


“Thor: Ragnarok” came out in the beginning of November and in less than a month, the movie has already made $118 million. Thor is based off a god of Norse mythology. He was the son of Odin and Fyorgyn, the earth goddess. Thor was considered the storm weather god of sky and thunder. In this new Thor movie, the creators focused more on his background and the battles between his family members.


Many people like this movie because it also features the Hulk. Between Thor and Hulk, there were many humorous moments throughout the movie. The movie also features one of the newest Marvel characters, Dr. Strange, as well to get answers from both Thor and Loki. As a stand alone movie, it appeals to people who may not know the Marvel history. Viewers don’t necessarily need to watch any of the other Thor or  Marvel movies to be able to understand the latest Thor movie.


“Thor: Ragnarok” had a balance between humor and action. The movie opens with Surtur, a fictional demon, having captured Thor. Thor does not take the battle seriously at all despite being captured and chained up by this character. Thor easily escapes and takes Surtur’s crown.  He returns the crown to Asgard and discovers that his brother Loki is still alive.


Thor and Loki proceed to get involved in a battle that is bigger than both of them when Hela, the goddess of death, comes into play, and their father disappears. . Hela  irreparably breaks Thor’s famous hammer and he is left feeling powerless for much of the movie.


Without giving too much away, Loki and Thor must find ways to work together to save Asgard and their people. They are assisted by the Hulk and others as they fight the age old battle of good vs. evil.  The movie ends successfully,  as all Marvel movies, and, well, you just have to go see “Thor: Ragnarok” for yourself to know the rest!


You can go see “Thor: Ragnarok” at local theaters in Fort Collins until January 2018. Go see it, Rocky!