An Inside Look on Officer Carver


Sydney Olsen

Officer Carver

People naturally develop fears throughout their lifetime. One of the many common fears is the fear of police officers. Rocky Mountain’s School Resource Officer, Katie Carver, wants to dispel this fear and make kids feel safe and comfortable.


Any student can go to her for nearly anything. Officer Carver helps the deans and makes sure that students are safe. She also talks to students about any legal problem that they need to talk about and issues they might be having with other students.


Every day can be different and exciting for Officer Carver. She can either be in meetings all day or be working on safety plans for the school. When the students don’t have school, she still has to work. She sometimes helps out other schools if there is a threat with another student or any other threat that requires more than one officer.


Officer Carver grew up in Longmont, Colorado. She was in patrol for four years before coming to Rocky to become the SRO. Carver states, “I chose to become an SRO because I wanted to make an impact on students.”


She started out in the military and always had an interest in law enforcement, which she pursued in college at Colorado State University. She graduated with a degree in Criminal Justice. Officer Carver says, “The worst part about being an SRO is getting that ‘bad guy’ stereotype when I’m just trying to keep students safe, but the best part of my job is definitely seeing the positive changes that the students make throughout the school year.”


Students should learn to overcome the fear of talking to officers and say hello to Officer Carver. She really wants to help and make an impact on the school and everyone here. Let her help you out!