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The Core of Adopt-A-Family

Rebecca Griffith, Staff Writer

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The season of giving is right around the corner and so is the 22nd year of Adopt-A-Family. Adopt-A-Family (AAF) is an event at Rocky where homeroom classes bring in basic necessities to fulfill a family’s checklist. This usually consists of clothes, groceries and household goods as well as presents.

This year the Rocky community has adopted 70 families which include close to 400 adults and children. This outreach has grown tremendously throughout the years, growing from just a few families in 1996.

“All of Rocky comes together to contribute to something that seems small but is part of something bigger,” said junior Natalie Ford. “The pick up day fills your heart with so much love and spirit. There’s nothing like it.” 

The pick up day fills your heart with so much love and spirit. There’s nothing like it.”

— Natalie Ford

For both students and staff it creates an environment that defines the Lobo way. “It’s one of the best things we do at Rocky,” Mrs. Druse said. Adopt-A-Family makes a big difference in each of the families lives, as well as a difference in the lives of the 2000 students at Rocky who participate.

“This is a way that every kid in this building can get a chance to help someone else,”  Druse said. All students have the chance to participate, in more ways than one, and it can ultimately change someone’s life.

The Adopt-A-Family event will take place December 16th and donations start this month. Other than participating in homeroom classes, Adopt-A-Family shirts are available to buy at the Rock Stop and online to help raise money. In addition, it’s No Shave November which means the beards vs. mustache competition is on; students can donate and vote on The Rocks for the person of their choice with proceeds benefitting AAF.

For more information or to donate, contact the school office.

Rebecca Griffith, Staff Writer

Rebecca Griffith is a junior at Rocky Mountain High School. She enjoys playing tennis and being with her friends. After high school Rebecca wants to study...

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The Core of Adopt-A-Family