What and Why can the admin look on our computers.


Fernando Levya

Mr. Stapelton

Jenn Ducett , Staff Writer

Deans and teachers have a tool to minimize distractions and help students learn in the modern world of laptops: Lanschool.

At the beginning of the school year, students are issued a school laptop during check-in. Lanschool is a computer program used by schools and administrators to monitor students’ computers. Staff can use Lanschool to see student computer screens when students are on campus. Lanschool is used across the district by teachers and deans to minimize distraction and maximize student learning.

“Lanschool is a program that we have access to that we can tap into anyone’s computer who is currently logged onto the school’s system. Teachers use it very efficiently in their classes,” Dean of Students Russell Stapleton said.

Stapleton said that there is no limit to what they are able to monitor on students computers through Lanschool. He wants to ensure that students are staying on task, as well as being appropriate on the laptops.

“The deans use Lanschool if we are trying to have some common goals with case managers and the counselors to take a kid from the D and F list to the A and B list. We might put them on the dean’s list to make sure that what they are doing is appropriate,” said Stapleton.

The laptop that the students get at the beginning of the year are school property, therefore the school is allowed to use Lanschool freely and regulate what students are doing while logged on on campus.

“I use Lanschool on occasion for two reasons: on class presentations and to keep people on task during all of my quizzes. Since all the quizzes are through socrative it ensures that people are using their own thoughts. I have shut down kids computers about once or twice keep it honest,” said Mr. Robinson

Ultimately, Lanschool is used as an effective  tool to ensure that students are staying on task and benefiting by being in school.