I Went to a Trump Rally

A Rally from the Perspective of a Trump Supporter


Fox31 KDVR

Photo from Fox31 KDVR

Cedric Culhane, Contribute

On Monday October 3rd I visited the Budweiser Event Center where Donald J. Trump gave a speech.

The speech was part of his campaign to win the closely contested Colorado electoral votes and was one of several as he made his way across the state.Standing in line, people boosted their “Make America Great Again” hats, as well as t-shirts reading “Proud Deplorable. The t-shirts, popular among Trump supporters after Hillary Clinton’s comment, “you could put half of Trump’s supporters into what I call the basket of deplorables. This comment has  become a catchphrase for Trump supporters.

I’m very glad I went. He really is an inspirational speaker.”

— Matt McGuire

Inside the Event Center, the atmosphere was one of joy and excitement. The crowd erupted at the sight of Trump in a press box, and again when he walked on stage.

Trump hit hard on Clinton’s emails and the alleged concealment of the information from the FBI, as well as the possible allegations by the FBI of the destruction of laptops by Clinton aides.

Trump also spoke about the Clinton Foundation, which is the Clinton’s international charity. Trump alleged that donations to the charity were a way for the Clintons to receive bribes from interest groups and corporations in return for favors from the State Department, of which Clinton was the head.

In addition to attacking Clinton, Trump also addressed Clinton’s  attacks on him.

Mr. Trump addressed the recent debacle involving his taxes by simply stating that he used his knowledge of the tax code to save his company money in a recession, ultimately saving jobs.

He also pointed out that Hillary has outspent him in campaigning, yet she is still  running within the margin of error in all swing states. He credited this blunder to the incompetence of Clinton and her campaign.

To appeal to Coloradans, Trump said that he would bring back manufacturing and mining jobs to Colorado. He also boasted about his NRA endorsement, saying that he will protect Americans’ Second amendment rights.

According to Events Center sources, the speech was attended by over 7,000 people . There were  a few protesters in designated spaces outside the event and the people attending remained quiet, with peaceful demonstrations and attendees. The overall atmosphere was positive and jovial. Rocky Mountain High School Student Avery Beard said, “That was the most fun I’ve had all year!”

Another Student Matt McGuire stated that, “I’m very glad I went. He really is an inspirational speaker.”

As in previous years, the people of Colorado might very well decide this election. With November 8th coming quickly, Colorado may still be in Trump’s sights.