Here’s What A Summer In France Would Look Like


Elea Gasmi

The featured photo is a picture of one of the beaches in the city of Marseille, located in the South of France.

Elea Gasmi, Staff Writer

France might be known all over the world for the capital Paris and its famous monuments such as the Eiffel Tower or the Eglise de Notre-Dame, yet, between the mountains, the Atlantic ocean, and the Mediterranean sea, the Western European country and its temperate climate have plenty of beautiful sites and landscapes to offer. 

As it is located on the Western European coast, France’s climate is ideal during the summer. Average temperatures range from 75 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit, depending on the location. 

One of France’s main vacation destinations is probably the French Riviera. Coastal Mediterranean towns such as Nice, Cannes, St Tropez, or Monaco are known for their ideal weather and permanent blue sky, as well as countless beaches, lakes, and rivers.  

The region of Provence, famous across the world for its gorgeous lavender fields, typical markets, and small hilltop villages, is the perfect region to immerse in French culture and discover French cuisine and traditions up close. 

If the temperatures in the South of France can be really high and average 110 degrees Fahrenheit during summer, France’s variable climate offers completely different weather from one region to another, such as in the Northern region of Brittany or Eastern region of the Alps, both ideal for those who prefer a cooler climate. 

Other than the beautiful landscapes and cities, France’s culture is really important during the summer, with national holidays such as World Music Day on June 21, Bastille Day on July 14, and Assumption Day on August 15. Every French person knows and celebrates their country and their culture during these days. 

France also has several music and art festivals, as well as famous sporting events happening during summer time. The most popular one is probably the Tour de France, a bicycle race taking place in June and July and featuring athletes from all across the globe. The Avignon annual arts festival and the Rock en Seine Festival are both a celebration of French culture of arts and music. 

That is, whether you are familiar with the country’s language and traditions or not, France and its appealing towns and countryside should definitely be on your summer bucket list!