Ranking 10 of the Best and Worst Grammys Outfits of 2023

10. The Very Worst (Unholy is right)  – Kim Petras and Sam Smith see their look here

Of all of the red carpet looks at the Grammys this past Sunday, Kim Petras and Sam Smith took the cake for worst dressed. The blinding shade of red washed both of them out, and they are both such beautiful people that they deserve to flaunt an equally beautiful piece of clothing. The accessories were supposed to help (I think) – but they just fed into the spooky, occult-like vibe that was going on. Until the Grammys, I truly thought they could pull anything off. Sam’s Valentino robe and Kim’s bridal Victor Costa dress changed my mind. 


9. Are Animals In? – Shania Twain see her look here

It is hard to believe that an icon like Shania Twain would have bad judgment when it comes to her stylist but alas – her Grammys outfit proved that her “just having fun” lifestyle isn’t always reliable. She was dressed by Chris Horan who chose a cow print Harris Reed suit accompanied by a very large mushroom-like matching hat. It would have been okay if it weren’t for the infra-red banged wig that threw the entire outfit off. The only redeeming aspect of this outfit was that the black polka dots had sparkles, but that was a little price to pay to elevate such a messy look. 


8. Hardly Any Better – Kacey Musgraves see her look here

Kacey Musgraves arrived at the 2023 Grammys Red Carpet dressed in a full body light pink leotard partially covered by a blanket of hot pink feathers. At first glance, it reminded me of the scene in “White Chicks” where the sisters take to a runway dressed as stylish birds. Known as a Valentino superfan, I am sure Musgraves had no choice but to choose one of their looks this year. Unfortunately for her, there were no upsides to this look and it did not make the statement her and her stylist thought it might. 


7. One Hundred Shades Too Bright – Kelsea Ballerini see her look here 

Many people cannot pull off yellow. I am convinced this shade of yellow, however, looks bad on everybody. Kelsea Ballerini is a beautiful and talented country singer who has always blown me away with her beauty and consistent great looks on award show red carpets. I was incredibly disappointed when she pulled up to the Grammys in a bright yellow Atelier Prabal Gurung gown. While I have a few issues with the actual cut and look of the dress, the reason it is so low on the ranking is because of the color. Put anything on her, and she looks beautiful. Except for maybe this dress that screams “2005 prom.”


6. It’s Giving Detective – Jack Harlow see his look here

Everything would have been okay if Jack’s stylist had just left out the gloves from this look. Dressed in a sleek, tan suit, black shoes, and a cream studded shirt, Jack Harlow overall looked pretty put together. The shade of tan just screamed “trench coat,” making his black leather gloves turn the whole outfit into a cosplay of Sherlock Holmes. Then again, Jack Harlow can quite literally pull anything off, and made me grateful nobody else’s stylist decided to overlap. 


5. It’s Brutal Out Here – Olivia Rodrigo see her look here

Dressed in a sheer black dress from Miu Miu, I was honestly bored with Olivia’s look. Given that she had zero pressure to look incredible as she was just presenting an award, I do believe she could have given more. Her stylist ws towing the line between simple and boring, and slipped. 


4. Rainbow Fish – Harry Styles see his look here

I never thought an outfit could show so much and so little at once and pull it off perfectly. Harry Styles’ tattoos were themselves the top half of his outfit, and they were absolutely the main event. It can be boring when looks are very scandalous but the skin that is showing is just bare. As for his clothing, Harry showed up in a stunning, star studded, Egonlab jumpsuit covered in Swarovski crystals. The pastel chevrons were so fun without being busy, and the cut of the entire jumpsuit balanced the entire look perfectly. 


3. 2000s Forever! – Paris Hilton see her look here

Paris Hilton dealt all of her cards at the Grammys Red Carpet this past Sunday. Her face card was on fire with a Y2K smokey eye makeup with a light pink lip done by the one and only Steven Tabima. She also served with a platinum blonde half-up half-down hairstyle with long straight extensions that perfectly accentuated her silvery gown that draped to the floor. Her Celine dress and Sarah Flint shoes were just simple enough to not be boring, and won #3 on my ranked list. 


2. Never Go Out of Style – Taylor Swift see her look here

Taylor Swift’s Grammys look was the first one I noticed when watching the red carpet. All night, my family and I could not stop commenting on how classy, comfortable, and stylish Taylor’s two piece navy blue dress was. Personally, I am a huge fan of a long sleeve cropped two piece dress that flows gorgeously to the floor. Studded on her shoulder and hips were sparkles that painted a firework as a touch on the already exciting pieces. In my opinion, her accessories pulled the entire look together. Along with her iconic red lip, Taylor showed off her custom Roberto Cavalli and Lorraine Shwartz purple diamond earrings. The cherry on top was what the fans seem to think is a subtle hint at a new re-recording of her album “Speak Now.” 


1. The Very Best – JLO see her look here

Jennifer Lopez presented the first award at the 65th Annual Grammys to start off an incredible night of music and fashion. Her outfit was simply too good to reveal at the red carpet, and she instead made an unforgettable entrance following the opening of the program. Dressed from head to toe in bling, JLO stunted in her navy blue Gucci gown and jewelry. Making a bold statement with her snake diamond necklace, she showed off her plunging neckline and hanging waterfall rhinestones that perfectly accentuated her killer figure. She also looked so naturally stunning when it came to her hair and makeup, as always. At 53, she seems to still be Jenny from the Block, and reminded all of us of her swag and style on Sunday.