Rocky’s Restrooms

One of Rocky’s gender-neutral restrooms.

My favorite restroom is probably Maroon Bells.

— Rian Thomas, Grade 11

Rocky’s restrooms vary when it comes to accessibility, space, mirrors, and even popularity. All Rocky students have a preference when it comes to which bathroom they would rather go to, but I will give you a bit more information if you are still on the fence about them.

To start, the Maroon Bells bathrooms have by far the most amount of space. There are two handicap stalls, which is good to note for those who may need it. This restroom has a great number of mirrors, including the ones above every sink, and the full-length mirror next to the large trash can. The Maroon Bells bathrooms are never too populated, except during the passing periods.

The senior door bathrooms are runner-up when it comes to space. They have convenient mirrors too, a full-length mirror, and sink mirrors. There is a handicap stall in this restroom as well, and the area can be busy at times, but never too crowded.

The science square, or as some students call it, the small square bathrooms are much smaller in area space. There is not a handicap stall in this bathroom, most likely due to the fact that there is no space to put one. For such a small space, there are an usual number of students in the area.

The wellness, or gym, hallway bathrooms are smaller than Maroon Bells but bigger than the science square restrooms. They are single rooms and gender-neutral. The downside of these is that they are normally locked.

The choir hall bathrooms are a reasonable size, but usually busy, especially during lunch. The mirrors in these bathrooms are well placed for the most part, with some above the sinks and a full-length mirror in the wall. These restrooms also have one handicap stall that fits in the room with enough space for students to move around.

The bathrooms by the media center are extremely narrow but they do have a lot of stalls. Despite the number of stalls, there is not a single handicap stall in sight.  The hallway that these restrooms are located in is very wide and allows for foot traffic. Therefore, these bathrooms are easy to get to. If there are students in these restrooms, it can be very hard to maneuver and get around.

When it comes down to the best restroom, you have to consider the factors that go into it. In my opinion, the Maroon Bells ones have the best features that make the perfect restroom.