Lessons from 2022!

Mckenzie Eckman, Writer and Editor

This school year has been the first “normal” school year we’ve experienced since February of 2020. Chaos and major adjustments have characterized the past two years and it’s been a roller coaster of emotions. As the new year approaches, I interviewed students and asked them to reflect on what the year 2022 has taught them. Students had a wide variety of different responses.

High school is all about finding the correct people to surround yourself with and developing a sense of who you are. “In 2022 I learned the importance of friendship while also being able to understand independence,” senior Annika Nickel shared. 

Senior Jaelyn Romero said she learned to be very cautious with who she trusts. Determining the people who are meant to be in your life is a crucial step in coming to terms with who you are, and some have discovered the people who are not meant to be in their lives this year. 

“I learned who my true friends are and how to create new meaningful relationships,” freshman Avery Eckman said. 

Senior Geoffrey Dexter said he learned how important friends and family truly are. 

Time flies by so quickly and when life is constantly in motion, occasionally we forget to take it all in and savor it. 

“I have definitely learned to enjoy high school because it goes by way faster than you think,” said senior Ava Paroz. 

Similarly, senior Dylan Larson has been taught to enjoy high school and to live in the moment thanks to 2022. It is especially pivotal to figure out how to help and care for ourselves, as well as enjoy our own company. 

Senior Laney Nesbitt, learned how to take time for herself and junior Izzy Nickel, said “I’ve learned to take time for myself and that self care is the most important thing.” 

Your emotional and physical health may suffer greatly as a result of persistent worrying and negative thinking. Maddie Chaney, a senior, said she has discovered how to worry less. 

Keeping yourself motivated and organized can be incredibly challenging at times. Junior Jordynn Olsheski said she has discovered how to create a balance between school and her social life, and junior Avery Wangnild has learned how to avoid procrastinating. 

It can be difficult to figure out that balance, especially when you may be struggling. Many  students have certain subjects in school that can be arduous and add a lot of extra worry and stress to their lives. 

Senior Liam Paroz said he has learned he “will never get better at math,” which is a sentiment shared by many students who have experienced a similar feeling at least once throughout their high school years.

 We all make mistakes throughout life and sometimes we get stuck living with regret from our decisions. Junior, Haisley Leskinen said, “never cut your hair without thinking it through,” and senior, Gabriella Rahaley shared that she regrets her choice in men and “to never date men.” 

There’s no denying that it’s been a wild ride with obstacles we never imagined we’d have to face. We have truly seen it all over the last couple years. As yet another year draws near, let’s take all that we’ve learned in 2022 with us into 2023 and make it the best year yet!

Countdown to 2023!