The Next Chapter.

I’ve spent essentially my entire childhood dreaming of what I will do when I finally grow up. Now right before my own eyes, I’m suddenly almost there. I’ve always wanted to grow up but now that it’s happening I’m afraid. I am  unconceivably afraid for this next chapter in my life.

Growing up entails facing reality and accepting challenges, which are both two aspects I have been avoiding entirely. Graduating from high school is a significant achievement that many individuals anticipate throughout the years as they grow up. During high school, you develop a sense of who you are and find the right people who will support you. You figure out where you belong and you discover the right people to surround yourself with.

Ever since I was a little kid I have always been certain that I wanted to attend college after high school. I feel like just yesterday was my very first day of freshman year and now I have less than seven months remaining of high school. It feels surreal how quickly time has flown by. I’m sure that for most seniors these past few months have been tremendously stressful, with applying and touring colleges. Even for those who won’t be attending college it is still just as frightening and is still huge adjustment.

In many ways, I am very enraptured about college and am looking forward to it, but at the same time, having to say goodbye to people you’ve gone to school with since you were five years old is very difficult. Myself, along with the majority of the senior class, is probably currently experiencing a variety of different feelings.

For me personally, it’s an array of mixed emotions. I can’t help but feel like the world is conspiring against me to drive me away from the life I know and love. Even though I may complain about school and constantly discuss how  eager I am to get out of here, as that reality draws near I don’t want to leave.

Starting over sounds way too difficult and while it’s not ideal, we all need to recognize that everyone goes through this and it is the perfect opportunity to meet new people and to create new relationships. Seniors, our time in high school is almost up, so let’s make the absolute most of the time that we have left because it’ll be over before we know it.