Lobo for Life

Nathaniel Eliason, Contributor

What does it mean to be a lobo? Being a lobo doesn’t just mean being nice and not bullying other students, but it encompasses a community where everyone contributes.

At Rocky Mountain High School a community involves every person making a difference for each other and not for themselves. That is what allows for an inclusive place where everyone can find their place to belong.

Rocky Mountain is given a 4- star out of 5 on google maps. When glancing over it, it doesn’t seem all that amazing, but for a school a 4- star rating is really good.

If you were to ask around all of Fort Collins, many people would tell you positive things about Rocky Mountain High School. Even schools that are rivals to Rocky would agree Rocky does things the right way.

At many sporting events, old Rocky alumni can be seen still supporting their school. The school spirit at Rocky is greater than any other. School spirit is associated with the whole community and how as a school students support other sports.

Many different clubs make up Rocky Mountain High School. Whatever kind of group you want to fall in with, there is probably a club for it. And if there isn’t a club, you can make any club you want as long as you get a teacher to lead the club with you.

Along with clubs there are many sports and unified sports here at Rocky. If you would like to play a sport there are many options whether you want it to be more competitive or less competitive. This allows all students to be a part of a community.

If you are looking for a community that supports all students and the rest of the city then Rocky Mountain may be the place. Being a lobo is so much more special than just going to school.