Find Help and Get Help

Trey Lindenfeld, Contributor

As of 2020, a mere 41% of people who have mental illness have gotten professional help. 

In America we are all shut down to our feelings and we are all about the American dream. We all work hard to get to the top and don’t stop until we get there. Most of the time people go too far and make it hard for them to reach out and the farther they go the harder it is to realize they are going to burn out.

Those who are able to reach out are more likely to be happier and make it farther up the ladder because they are always fresh. You are able to perform better if you are always in a good mental space. 

I know people around me who want to bottle everything up and looking at their struggle is the hardest thing ever to see. People around you who struggle and cannot see themselves going through such a hard time are the people who will get to the top but have nothing else to give. 

In Colorado, the second leading cause of death is suicide. This is a rough stat to see, but we can realize that so many people are struggling and half the time we don’t know what’s happening. When we can make a society that makes it ok to talk about your feelings openly and out there, the faster we can cut this number down. If we stay on this path this could become the leading cause and when we make it there are we too far gone?

How many deaths does it take till we make a change?