What is Key Club?


A sign in the Rocky hallway explaining when the key club meeting is.

Eva Hatfield and Elea Gasmi

There are many clubs that meet at Rocky. One of the biggest and oldest ones is Key Club. Though many students are involved in this club, there are many more who don’t know anything about it.

Key Club is the oldest and largest service program for high school students. It was founded in 1925. This club provides volunteer opportunities for students who wish to get involved in their community.

“Key Club is a service club where we want to encourage leadership through the service we do! The purpose is to better our community,” club president Kaitlyn Bhalla said.
This club makes it very easy for students to access volunteer opportunities. Any type of volunteering will be counted towards total hours, even summer volunteering. Students can sign up for more opportunities in the Key Club Google classroom, the code will be given at the first meeting.

There are many perks to being in Key Club, other than volunteering, such as meeting new people, doing something for the Rocky community, and even lettering, but only if the requirements are met.

The requirements for being in the club, and lettering are as listed below:

  • Attend at least 10 meetings
  • Volunteer at least 40 hours
  • Pay the $25 in dues
  • Send in at least four pictures from volunteering that can be used in the Key Club scrapbook

Lettering Requirements:
To letter in Key Club, students must get 250 points.
*All membership requirements must still be met; this is in addition to the regular membership requirements.*
Lettering Requirements:

  • Volunteer 60 hours
  • Attend 12 meetings total
  • Earn at least 250 points total

Point Breakdown:

  • 1 Key Club meeting = 2 point
  • 1 Eyeopeners Kiwanis meeting= 3 points
  • 1 service hour = 3 points
  • 1 chocolate box = 2 points

Joining this club is a very great opportunity for students to be a part of the Rocky community. Key Club will begin meeting every other Monday in room 407 starting September 12 at lunch. The first meeting will take place in the media center. Be there ‘bos!


*To join Remind 101 for RMHS Key Club, text @44fgk4 to 81010. You can also follow @loboskeyclub on Instagram for updates.*