Rocky Introduces menstrual hygiene dispensers in women’s and gender-neutral restrooms.


Tessa Stimatze

Rocky Mountain High School’s women’s restroom where menstration product’s will be available for all student’s.

Period poverty is the lack of financial resources to have access to menstrual products. In 2020 it was reported by the Alliance For Period Supply that “one in five low-income women reports missing work, school or similar commitments due to lack of access to period supplies.”


Menstrual products in Colorado are taxed 2.9%. According to an article about the cost of menstruation (Link). It is projected that a person will spend around $163 per year just on pads and tampons. Throughout a lifetime, a woman will spend roughly $18,000 on products and pain medications, heating pads, along with any other item used to ensure comfort during menstruation.


Those who can’t afford or have access to necessary hygiene products face physical health risks and may struggle with mental health due to the stigma surrounding menstruation. 


In an interview with Kaitlyn Bhalla from Key Club, products will be free, as Key Club received a grant from the local Kiwanis chapter. Rocky’s administration matched the grant ensuring the installation of these dispensers in all the restrooms.


“We saw there was poverty at Rocky with menstrual products, so the Key Club created a plan to ensure no student will be missing school due to menstruation,” Bhalla explained.


Rocky Mountain High School is installing 12 product dispensers in women and gender-neutral restrooms. Dispensers will be refilled by custodial staff with organic pads and tampons. 


Products will be free for students to use Club wanted to show the importance of preventing period poverty, and they believe students should not worry about their period during school time. These installments are to take place during and after spring break.


Students around the schools are excited about this change. “I’m glad that they are putting them in and it’s good that they are free,” sophomore student Emily said. 


“It’s very helpful and I feel like they will be beneficial; they are essential and every school should have them. I am glad they are finally putting them in,” sophomore student Charlotte noted. 


Another sophomore, Maddy, showed excitement and slight concern saying, “That’s really amazing and I’m hoping they stay stocked.” 


Key Club is also looking for students who are interested in painting dispensers with positive messages or designs. Interested students should use this (Link) or contact Ms. Bergman, Ms. Adams, or any of the Key Club officers.


Key Club is excited to be able to provide the students of Rocky with these essential items. Period poverty affects many students and by installing these free dispensers there is hope poverty will no longer affect Rocky Students.


NOTE: Free feminine hygiene products are currently available from the health office in the main office.