110 years of Girl Scouts leading to an Adventureful 2022 cookie.


Celine LeBeau

Colette LeBeau advertising for her Girl Scout troop during the 2021 cookie season.

Rayne Bromley , Editor

It’s Girl Scout Cookie season once again–and this year, the Girl Scouts have stepped up their game with a new brownie, caramel, and chocolate cookie called “Adventurefuls.” Over 100 years of Girl Scout history stands behind this cookie.


The initial goal for the Scouts was to emphasize “inclusiveness, the outdoors, self-reliance, and service,” according to the Girl Scouts’ website. “Encouraging girls to embrace their unique strengths and create their own opportunities was game-changing.”


Juliette Gordon Low started the group in 1912 during World War I before women were given the right to vote and were upheld to harsh societal norms. In approximately a decade, Girl Scout troops had spread around America as well as outside in places like China, Syria, and Mexico. The first Native American Girl Scout troop also took form early in 1921.


“When they first started, they had to wear full-on uniforms. Special shoes, special skirts, special hats that kind of looked like a sailor’s hat. And they had to wear a button-down white shirt with a vest over it,” said Fort Collins resident Colette LeBeau, a thirteen-year-old member of the Girl Scouts. “Now we do all this whittling and stuff, but back when it first started, they were only allowed to do knitting and crocheting– one of the badges was actually ‘how to clean.’”


The biggest objective for the Girl Scouts has always been to be of service to their community. During the Great Depression, Girl Scouts collected clothes and food for members of the community that needed them. Countless community service projects have been completed by various Girl Scout troops over the years, and they’ve always sold cookies for fundraising.


“When they first started, they were all like sugar cookies. They had different toppings on them–like one had caramel, one had salt,” LeBeau said. 


This season there are currently twelve flavors of cookies listed on the Girl Scouts website. Featured in that twelve are the new Girl Scouts’ Adventurefuls. Starting with a crunchy brownie base, they have caramel creme in the middle with a chocolate drizzle on top. No one has tried the cookie except the Girl Scouts themselves. 


“I know that it’s pretty freaking good, and it’s not one of the specialty cookies so it’ll be five dollars instead of six,” LeBeau said.


Cookies can be pre-ordered until February 6th, which is when deliveries can start being made by the Scouts. Order windows for Girl Scout cookies are narrow, so fast action is imperative for cookie-obtaining and Girl Scout-supporting.