“Devious Licks” Challenge at Rocky


Leonardo Navarro-Vizcarra

Students vandalized a Rocky bathroom during class, destroying soap dispensers, making messes and putting items in toilets.

A new, popular TikTok challenge called the “devious licks” is a trend going around, where students are stealing, damaging, or vandalizing equipment from their school, and filming it. Extreme examples of things being stolen that have been posted on the TikTok app are things like entire bathroom stalls, toilets, water fountains, and a school bus. 


The trend has traveled to Rocky, but hasn’t been taken too far yet. So far only soap and hand sanitizer dispensers are known to have been taken. Groups of boys are the main perpetrators for the theft. Some groups have been caught taking the soap dispensers and hand sanitizers off of the walls. Girls have also been damaging school property the same way by kicking off soap dispensers and writing on mirrors. 


There have yet to have any major theft issues at Rocky thus far. Student rumors suggested that at one of the recent varsity football games, the stadium bathrooms were severely vandalized by people stealing the mirrors off the wall. This rumor was proven mostly false by the Rocky Athletic Director, Conrad Crist. Crist said there was some minor vandalization that did occur in the stadium restrooms, but no mirrors were stolen. Although Rocky hasn’t had many thefts so far, other schools in the US are experiencing much worse.  


Ms.Van Dyne’s Spanish 1 class was asked if any students had seen the “devious licks” challenge in progress or the results of it. Forty-three percent of the class said that they have seen one event happen at Rocky, and 57% of students have not. 


Dean Mr. Ruffner wants Rocky to know that, “We’re better than this; we expect better.” 


Students who see anyone participating in vandalism can report it to the deans, who offer a reward program for any leads, or call the Safe2Tell line at 1-877-542-7233. This is an anonymous way for students to report.


The TikTok app has banned any content corresponding to the “devious licks” challenge. A side trend was also started called the angelic yield challenge where instead of taking things from the school they give something in return for the damage caused on school property. An example of this is a male student from Baltimore, Maryland, posting and putting a $20 bill on the toilet seat to basically “apologize” for the destruction his classmates caused.