Back to School Assembly, First in 500 Days


Amy White

Cheerleaders wait to cheer with the student body.

Camille Long-Shore, Contributor

FORT COLLINS- On Friday, August 20, 2021, students and staff of Rocky Mountain High School met outside on French Field to celebrate their annual back to school assembly. The first assembly in 500 days was also the first one to be held outside in Rocky history.


Led by Principal Woodall and several student council representatives, the assembly was meant to get students and staff excited about the upcoming school year. Inspiring words by Dr. Woodall about community, kindness, and respect empowered those who attended. 


Principal Woodall touched on the fact that “Rocky persevered and got creative to make this assembly happen,” and that “Rocky as a community will continue to be an uncommon and unique place.”


Thousands of students and staff joined in matching “Together as One” shirts while they listened to the band, learned the traditional roller coaster cheer, and watched many representatives, both students and staff lead a school event. 


Every year members of Student Council lead the assembly by creating a script and organizing the activities that take place. The 2021 assembly was hosted by the Senior Class President Kevin Bruxvoort, as well as Co-Student Body Presidents Robby Dorch and Taylor Richardson. 


The Peer counselors choreograph a dance to perform in front of the school each year. The dance is a whimsical introduction of the Peers to the student body. The Peers explained what their group is, emphasizing how they are a student based group that supports students and educates about several topics.


In addition, the junior varsity and varsity dance team, as well as the cheerleaders, performed on French Field to show the school what they are all about. 


Some highlights of the gathering included many teachers as well. There was a teacher versus teacher rap battle, where the students judged who won the round. A group of administrators won, and a pair of physical education teachers won. A new teacher face paint activity showcased several new teachers in the building, so students could get familiar with new faces in the school. 


The assembly involved students in all grades competing in games and activities. This year there was a water balloon toss competition between juniors and seniors, and sophomores and freshmen competed in a frozen t-shirt race. 


Afterwards, Caitlyn Lovato, a member of Student Council said that the assembly “was very rewarding to see after all of the hard work,” and how “she could tell how much people appreciated being together after a hard couple of years.”