Celeste Cool: The Coolest Custodian


Celeste Cool shows off her incredible art

Have you noticed the amazing bulletin board artwork that has been floating around the halls of Rocky Mountain High? Thanks to Celeste Cool, the halls are brighter and happier than ever before.

Cool is a substitute custodian who was sent to Rocky during December and January for a little over a month. She goes to all the schools as need be, whenever anyone is absent or out on vacation, etc. 

Of course during this time, there were no kids attending school, meaning there was not a whole lot of work to be done. The head custodian sent Cool out to do touch up work; painting door frames etc.

She quickly ran out of things to paint, until she found the room where there were several more colors to work with. Cool went to work to create the wonderful pieces throughout the halls. 

“I never really considered myself ‘into art’ and had not really painted much at all. I like to do interior design projects, decorating, organizing and consider that I have a good eye for detail and what is visually pleasing,” Cool said. 

Cool mentioned that some pieces took less than an hour and some all day.  “I had a great time painting these boards and just had a feeling I could make them look so much better. There wasn’t much pre-planning involved, I was just ‘winging it.’”

Next time you wander through the halls, stop and appreciate the joy that Celeste is shining on the school!