It’s Time to Ask What Your Country Can Do For You

Jaden Clarke, Staff Writer


The Stars and Stripes Source: TechPhotoGal, (2017). American Flag, Pixabay.

Many people in the United States have been misled about exactly what a leftist is. It is ridiculous to suggest that being a leftist disqualifies you from being a patriot. A true patriot can hate their government but love their fellow Americans. It is nonsense to say all leftists want a massive government. While the ultimate goal for many radical leftists is a stateless society, most of them realize that’s something that won’t happen anytime soon. In the meantime, we need to fundamentally change our government so that it aids and serves its citizens, rather than spying on and abusing them. For instance, the government needs to be able to break up monopolies. Small governments and big corporations create workers who are indentured servants to the company. A just government must protect everyone’s freedoms.

The current cabal of centrist politicians is hard at work taking away our rights and protections. Multiple whistleblowers have exposed how much the United States spies on its own people. The law is no longer a tool to protect freedoms, but it takes them away. The courts pervert justice. Too poor to afford a lawyer? Not to worry, one of the most overworked people in history will be appointed to convince you to plead guilty. Lack of public defenders is only one of countless issues that have given the United States the highest rate of incarceration in the world.

The purpose of our prisons and police is to maintain social order. Right now, the order they enforce is a racial and class based caste system. That doesn’t mean you should hate the police. Many Christians would tell you to love the sinner and hate the sin. They might also ask you to consider; “what would Jesus do?” I am no theologian, and I cannot claim to know the will of God. Nonetheless, if government is to follow the teachings of Jesus, should it build cages and instruments of death, or help to feed the homeless and care for the sick?

The time has come for new political parties. One that embraces patriotism and love for our fellow citizens, but is also unflinchingly critical of the government and the many ways it is currently abusing its citizens.

Source: noirlily, (2012). Fireworks Fourth of July, pixabay.

In the political media industry, all meaningful discussion of policy is ignored in favor of personal attacks and outright lies. This needs to change. While I hold no authority to delineate a party dogma, I do have ideas. I’m not running for any elected office, as I am to young to hold anything other than a municipal position in my state at the time of writing this. I’m writing this because I think that some of the millions of people who don’t vote could agree with what I have to say. I also want to express that Democrats and Republicans represent a very narrow slice of political thought, and that there are vast alternatives to them. In the United States we like to laugh at third parties. In an era of unprecedented internal division, soon both the Democratic and Republican party could split. If a broader selection of political options were available, perhaps voter turnout would go up.

TLDR: Just because I distrust the government doesn’t mean I hate my fellow Americans. The fact I am left of center doesn’t make me a secret fascist. Laboratory movements depend upon and are built by the working class. Their goal should only be to protect rights and liberties. Centrist, Capitalist governments are trampling on those rights every day.