Cocoa Bombs Are Going Viral – Here’s How to Make Them

Payton Perkins, Editor

A new trend has hit the internet, and it’s hot chocolate bombs. These treats are similar to a bath bomb, only edible and easy to create at home. 

This mold is from Michael’s, but Amazon or Etsy are your best bet.

Step 1 – Getting the Ingredients

– Chocolate

For the chocolate shell, dark chocolate will make your life easier for the rest of assembly. Dark chocolate has a higher melting point than milk chocolate due to the higher percentage of cocoa, so it doesn’t melt in your hands during assembly.


– Hot Cocoa Mix

A better quality hot cocoa mix will also go a long way. Also make sure your mix has no lumps, as those will make mixing harder. 


– Marshmallows

The smaller, the better. Depending on the size of your mold, you can also add colored marshmallows or ones cut in fun shapes. 


– Circular Mold

This one is harder to find since this trend went viral. Here is a good link for one from Etsy. You’ll want to find a flexible one, as getting chocolate shells out of a hard mold is really difficult. 


OPTIONAL: Sprinkles, candy canes, caramel sauce, and any extra flavorings or decorations. Go nuts with this part, it adds some flair to the already very visual forward preparation of this recipe. 


Step 2 – Assembly 


  1. First, clean your mold with warm soapy water. Then melt your chocolate down either in the microwave or in a container over the stove. Melt until all of the chocolate chunks are smooth. 
  2. Spread the chocolate mixture in the molds using a spoon. Leave enough room in the center of the mold. Refrigerate the mold until the chocolate is hard, then fix any spots you might have missed, especially around the tops of the molds as those tend to break when removed.

    Here the cocoa bomb shells were made with a silicone brush, but a spoon works just as well.
  3. Gently pop the shells out of the mold. Try to handle them as little as possible. Fill half of your shells with your cocoa mix, marshmallows, and various add-ons.

    Here the bombs are made with only marshmallows and mix, but this is the step to add extra flavoring or coloring.
  4. Heat up a plate in the microwave. Take one shell and run it along the plate until the chocolate is slightly melted. Press this shell against another shell you already filled with your mix. They should stick together.
  5. Refrigerate your bombs. You may have to go back with extra melted chocolate and fix any gaps where the two sides didn’t fuse.

    An alternative to milk is hot coffee.


Heat up some milk on the stove or in the microwave and pour over your bomb in a festive mug. Stir and enjoy!