My Tattoo Experience


On November 20th, 2020, I celebrated my 18th birthday by making an exciting trip down to Soul Stone Tattoo Shop.

As much as my mother wants to deny it, this was not a spontaneous decision. I have been planning on getting a tattoo once I turned 18 for quite some time. I was set on my idea for months, which left the hard part…where do I go to get it done?

With over 20 tattoo parlors in Northern Colorado, I had a lot of research to do. My friend Luke had recently gotten a half sleeve at Soul Stone, so I figured I would give it a try. 

Normally you would just call the place and make an appointment over the phone, however, I knew I wanted Kalib to be my artist, so I contacted him through Instagram DM. He responded quickly and before I knew it, I had an appointment to get my first tattoo!

Soul Stone is located on the corner of Lincoln and 1st Street in Loveland, Colorado. The place is full of light and good vibes. Everyone there is so sweet and excited that people are diving into the art of ink. 

The tattoo process is pretty simple; present your idea, get a stencil transferred onto your skin, and then ink!

My tattoo took around 10 minutes and the pain level was quite minimal. Kalib went over the basic tattoo aftercare and I was on my way. I am not sure how the prices at Soul Stone compare to other places in Colorado–my tattoo was around $50.

Overall, I am very pleased with my tattoo experience. I hope to get more in the future and I know where I will be going from here on out.