Is This The End Of Snow Days As We Know It?


Snow day fun!

On Monday, October 26th, the students and staff in the Poudre School District woke up to a wonderful surprise…a snow day!

This news came as a shock to all, considering we spent the last six months with an online curriculum. Sophia Elmore, senior, stated, “I was shocked to get a call the night before school since the district normally waits until the day of.” 

So what led the administration to ultimately decide that a snow day was the correct way to go? 

“I think that the ultimate reason we did not have remote day was because teachers are not always set up to go remote from home. That means it would put a number of people coming into the building which would be unsafe,” added Mr. Stapleton, Dean of Students.

Although the future of school is unknown, PSD still foresees having traditional snow days. Each year, the district works days into the schedule, which is contracted by the state of Colorado, for events like this. 

Mr. Stapleton also added that we “…still have a delayed start schedule that will most likely be used more often than a snow day.” 

Snow days are a time honored tradition. They are beloved and remembered by all students. It would be a shame for that to go away. 

“It is always nice to have a break from remote learning. The snow day added a little bit of normalcy to this crazy time,” added Payton Petrilli, senior.