4 staples of my everyday life


Connor Poinan, Staff Writer

My name is Connor Poinan. I’m currently in my junior year of high school and have fixated on a few niceties that keep pushing me through. The first being caffeine, whether that be from coffee or tea, I can’t seem to get enough. Every aspect of these two beverages is wholeheartedly embraced by each of my individual senses. I’ll go through them, anytime I open a new bag of beans and the light bounces from them reflecting their shiny coats. I’m overcome with contentment. Once the beans have been ground, I get the first noseful of their scent and a sweet preview of what’s to come. 

Or if it’s tea when that fresh bag’s seal is broken, and those aromas creep out, it’s like an automated response. I have to let out a sigh and relax. When I can hear it dripping, I’m all ears, and the sound of boiling water is a welcome addition to whatever white noise is playing out. Of course the taste is the most sought after bit of this process. Whether it’s bitter or smooth I don’t even care, I’ll  gulp it down either way. I can go for a nice cup of coffee or tea at the drop of a hat.

Friends/family is another part of my life I could not last without. Obviously I live with my family so when they’re gone the house feels quite empty and it’s alien to imagine living like that all day every day. As freeing as it feels in the moment, the jubilance of solitude fades quickly with time.

The conclusion of my four is guitar. I’ve only been playing for a year, roughly. Progress has been slow, painstaking at times. In the past two months I’ve felt myself become far more familiar with this instrument. It’s been incredibly exciting piecing things together and just creating. It used to feel uncomfortable and disjointed but I’ve come to really love the guitar and all its complexities. 

A week ago I played with another person; he was on drums while I picked away, and this experience definitely awoke a new passion, one I had yet to feel toward music. I felt real rhythm and was a part of it rather than a joyous spectator. The man I played with was named Jeremy; he plays numerous instruments as well as guitar. His setup is absolutely mind boggling and somewhat overwhelming. I got to mess around on it for a few hours and eventually he let me borrow a multitude of pedals that all together can make some maddening sounds.

These four niceties, as described, have been and will be staples of my everyday life. each provides a deeply desirable experience I continually find myself seeking.