Hubie Halloween Review

Hubie presents to the school before a food fight breaks out.

Laylah Reyes

Hubie presents to the school before a food fight breaks out.

Laylah Reyes, Staff Writer

Many people these days need a good laugh and what’s better than combining it with Halloween?

“Hubie Halloween” directed by Steven Brill and released on October 7, 2020, through Netflix lasts an hour and 43 minutes. It stars Adam Sandler, Noah Schnapp, Julie Bowen, and more. It tells the story of Hubie, played by Adam Sandler, the town outcast, and his love of Halloween and his effort to save his town from kidnappers.

It is October 31st in the town of Salem and Hubie is getting prepared for his routine patrol of trick or treating and other activities going on in the town when a new neighbor mysteriously moves in and things immediately start going wrong.

During his patrol and warnings at the nearby school, he gets all sorts of food thrown at him simply because they don’t like him and think he is weird, and later on in the night he patrols a high school party and a popular kid goes missing in the cornfields.

As Hubie goes all over town and patrols over the safety of others a slew of disappearances happen in his tracks, leaving him to investigate who is doing this.

He suspects his neighbor but ends up going through a haunted house and having the help of some very unlikely people to find out that it was his mother who kidnapped all of those people because they all made fun of him and were never grateful for his kindness to the town.

The movie ends a year later with Hubie married to a high school crush of his and the town accepting his weird ways of taking care of everybody, making him mayor.

The message of this movie is heartwarming and swee,t but the plotlines not so much. The cast was made up of some hilarious and amazing actors, but their potential was not met at all in this movie.

The plot of this movie was a bit out of whack at times and didn’t make sense, like the beginning with the scene starting off with a prisoner escaping from a mental institution and the neighbor turning werewolf or when Hubie visits this Radio Shack up on a hill and shifts his focus from finding the missing people to finding out who likes him.

If you can stomach some plot holes and dead ends with some Adam Sandler Halloween comedy, this is the movie for you.