We Should Start Celebrating Christmas Early


A classic Christmas candle and a tiny Christmas tree just make the room look and feel homey.

Lilah Claycomb, Staff Writer

Celebrating Christmas early is a somewhat controversial subject, though not a particularly important one especially surrounding the current events. However, it is a subject that has the potential to significantly improve our time while distanced. I’m asking you to put aside the disagreement about whether or not Christmas should be celebrated early, and give in to the idea that this year, just this once, celebrating it early is necessary.

Mental Health has gone down significantly since the beginning of COVID. Fifty percent of adults have reported a decrease in mental health because of quarantine. There are a lot of ways to try and fix this but a lot of them are hard and cost money, which, right now, a lot of us don’t have. Using materials that we already own is essential, especially because of the economic crisis. One thing most of us already have is Christmas decorations.

Christmas decorating is scientifically proven to increase dopamine and serotonin which are the hormones for energy and happiness. This is due to the association that most of us make with Christmas involving family time, fulfilling meals, receiving gifts, and partaking in other Christmas activities. Having a visual of decorations is also proven to make you happy even after you have finished decorating.

Aside from decorating, there is always Christmas music, which is arguably the best part of the holiday. Again, researchers have found that Christmas music boosts serotonin, especially when it’s upbeat Christmas music. This is because of psychological conditioning in which we make connections between happy experiences occurring while the music is playing and the music itself.

Calming Christmas music, unlike upbeat music, has a different but equally enjoyable effect. “The Christmas Song,” by Nat King Cole, is an example of one of these songs. Songs like these induce nostalgia and have actually been known to make you sad. However, this kind of sadness is different from the emotion that we feel normally when we are isolated. It’s the same sadness that you feel on rainy days or when you’re sitting in front of a fire drinking hot chocolate. It is one of those rare things that make you content with your surroundings. Just satisfyingly happy.

One of the oddest effects Christmas has on the human body is related to Christmas trees and snow. Naturally, humans respond well to Fir trees because they are one of the only trees that survive through winter and a reliable source of survival throughout the year. Snow is also known to have a calming effect because of its colour and texture. This is a little bit unrelated because obviously, we cannot make it snow early, but it is a reason for us to appreciate Christmas more.

The final proposal is that we begin Christmas the day after Halloween so that the high that we are on after that holiday does not fade. The sugar high and the emotional high. If you are someone who relies on logic and science to prove things to you then I have given you that and if you rely on emotions then I have also provided you with emotional reasons to celebrate this holiday early. I am advising you to take part in these activities not just because I like doing it, but because I believe it could significantly improve all of our emotional states for the better.