Fall 2020; What’s Open?


Sometimes all the fun is in the carving and you can pick out a pumpkin at any supermarket.

Ella Haller, Staff Writer

This year has been different from all previous years. COVID19 has had a large impact on every aspect of life and is changing global norms. As fall approaches, many of the classic festivities may not be available as they were in years past. 

As we all know, there are social distancing guidelines everyone must abide by. Keeping six feet of distance, wearing masks, and frequent sanitation are the new normal for 2020. If businesses are unable to abide by these rules, they typically aren’t open to the public, or have modified their habits. So what will be open and what won’t? 

Anderson Farms located in Erie, Colorado, will in fact be open this season. For safety precautions, the farm will be limiting ticket purchases, sanitizing frequently touched items throughout the day; seating will be distanced and employees will remind guests as often as needed. In return, they ask that all guests please steer clear of the farm when exhibiting COVID19 symptoms. 

Harvest Farm in Wellington, Colorado, is a seasonal tradition for many local families. Pumpkin patches, corn launchers, hay stacks, barrel rolling and a mini train have brought joy to many families. Marnay VonBernuth, a long time visitor of the farm, gave nothing but good reviews. “We love Harvest Farm! It’s become a family tradition. My kids enjoy it, and the farm is also a rehabilitation center for men who’ve gone off track–they run the farm. Despite it technically being run by troubled men, I’ve always felt safe there,” said VonBernuth. Unfortunately, due to coronavirus precautions, the farm will not be opening this season. 

Jack Lanterns Northern Colorado Corn Maze, while it may be outdoors, is closed for the season. In years past it has contained a haunted corn maze with live actors, pumpkin patch, and concession stand. It will most likely reopen for the 2021 season. 

Bartels Pumpkin Patch in north Fort Collins is a family tradition for many locals. They are open from 10:00-6:00 and offer free admission, $2 hayrides and corn maze ($5 per person or $20 for a family). Of course, they also offer a wide selection of pumpkins in various sizes and varieties.

Creepy Walk In The Woods Located in Loveland, Colorado, is an outdoor hike with actors and sets scattered strategically. Similar to Jack Lanterns, it will not be open this year. Between employing actors and the amount of visitors passing through, the risk has been deemed too high for opening. 

Osborn Farms located in Loveland, Colorado, is open for business. Being family owned, the farm has admitted they aren’t perfect but are willing welcome guests for the season. Their pumpkin patch and barnyard are family friendly. Employees do ask that guests experiencing symptoms avoid the farm and get well soon. 

All in all, people in search of fall fun might have better luck with at home activities. Some pumpkin patches are closed, but carving, pie making, and seasonal movies are still on the table. Netflix currently has plenty of spooky movies, “The Adams Family,” “Hocus Pocus” and “Casper the Ghost” are fan favorites. Moderate crowd sizes, opportunities for cross contamination, and the lack of necessity have caused many of the out and about fall undertakings to be postponed until next season, but that doesn’t have to stop you from celebrating!