My Ten: Things I Wouldn’t Want to Live Without



This is me having fun and just hanging out in the streets with some hooligans taking pictures.

Jackson Klussmann, Staff Writer

There are lots of necessities in the world—things we must have to survive and to thrive. But there are also things that just make life more fun, more bearable. These are mine:

Family & Friends: I’m not one to show my emotions in front of others very often. But when I do, it often reminds me that there are people everywhere who care and are willing to support you. Another reason is because without the people around me I wouldn’t be the same person I am today. My friends and family have helped create and mold me into the character I am now. Therefore I am very grateful for themA House: Under some circumstances people would label a house as a necessity for basic survival needs. But I believe that a house is more of a want rather than a need. The reason being that it is estimated around 150 million people are homeless worldwide, which proves that people can still survive and make a living while being homeless.

My Car: I drive a 2005 Honda Pilot and it is something I definitely don’t want to live without. I like my Pilot so much because it makes everything easier! I love to take drives in Horsetooth while listening to music through my little Bluetooth cassette player. Overall, I love my Honda and it is a reliable vehicle I don’t want to live without.

Sleep: I wouldn’t want to live without sleep for many reasons. One obvious reason being that you would literally go crazy if you didn’t sleep for a long amount of time! Another reason I wouldn’t want to live without sleep is because I actually find sleeping very comfortable and relaxing. Although some say it’s the “cousin of death” I find sleeping very interesting as well. What I find so interesting is that we have the ability to create our own reality, known as dreaming! Sleeping is crazy! And I wouldn’t want to live without it.

Internet: The internet! The internet has been around as long as I have been alive! I literally grew up around computers and phones so it’s hard to imagine what life would be like without them. I want to say I could be okay without WiFi and the Internet but reality is that’s all I’m around 24/7. For example, my phone is always on me. Right now I’m doing school work over the computer, I can hear my family on phone calls etc…There’s always something to do with the internet so without it I would go crazy. haha.

Different Foods: One of my favorite things to do is to eat! I could call it a hobby. Honestly, I love to go around town and try different restaurants and new foods I haven’t tried before. Thinking about it, if there was only one meal you could eat for your entire life, I couldn’t even decide! There is just too much of a variety of foods around the world!

Creativity: This is kind of a steal from Mrs. White, but I couldn’t agree more! I think creativity and different ways of thinking are so important to society and the world! I thought for quite some time and if the world lacked creativity it would just be bland and boring. Everyone would think the same and probably even act the same, like a world full of robots! I would definitely not want to live in some apocalyptic world like that.

Animals: One of my favorite things growing up would be to dig around in the grass or wherever and just try to find cool bugs. I have always had an appreciation for wildlife and insects and find animals actually quite beautiful. A world without animals would be a pretty boring world. I’ve always wanted to find a career path in something like wildlife so if animals didn’t exist it would be hard for me to find something to compare to wildlife beauty.

People: If you know me, you probably know I like to socialize with people! I love to talk to others and just hang out and spend time with people. But if people weren’t here, or if each person had their own little earth, I think there wouldn’t really be a goal for anyone. If anything, I would probably just be lonely and sad, So people are something I definitely don’t want to live without.

Gaming: I will be on a singular game for hours upon hours! I think gaming is just another way I like to socialize and it also provides some common ground with the people you are playing with. I love to trash talk the other opponents and I always have a few laughs when I’m playing with friends. Overall, gaming is such a unique concept to me and I can enjoy it for long periods of time which are all reasons I wouldn’t want to live without it.