That Quarantine Life

Payton Petrilli, Contributor

Most people I have been talking to hate this quarantine lifestyle. They have told me they miss all their friends and have zero motivation to do their school work during the day. Well, for me, it is very different. 

I am loving this quarantine for many reasons. The main reason I am loving it is because I get my school work done in about an hour every day, instead of being in the school building for seven hours a day. Working at my own pace is very helpful to me because there is nobody who can hold me back. All of my teachers are giving work for the whole week, apart from some day by day work, which I also enjoy very much.

I do miss being able to go hangout with my friends, but I still bond with them every day over X-box. I have been playing with my friends every day and we don’t really seem to get bored. I know I’m not supposed to go fishing, but I have about once a week anyway to get some fresh air. 

The one thing that has been difficult for me throughout this quarantine is that my parents are separated. I have a few friends also dealing with this and they agree that it is tough. My step mom, who lives with my dad, is recovering from a bone marrow transplant because she was diagnosed with leukemia in September and now she is in remission at home. Because of this, I have been staying with my mother to avoid the risk of getting her sick. I haven’t seen my dad in about three weeks, but I still text him daily.

I am also missing out on my club soccer season which bummed me out, and I feel for the seniors who are missing out on their final sports season. 

I am definitely able to see how people could be struggling with difficult school work online and not being able to access resources they could at school. I don’t have any classes that I am struggling with, so that could be why I am enjoying playing a lot of video games and being outside all day. Quarantine life is something I could probably get used to.