Project Unity | What’s Next? – RMHSxCSU


In week three’s session, they were able to identify each other in unique ways. The students walked around the room and identified themselves based on an abundance of words placed around the room. From first-language to economic status, the students had the opportunity to choose what they most identified with and what they least identified with.


This helped create a conversation with the people who picked the same category. It was an effective way for the students to create connections, bond together, and find commonality with each other.


Specific issues we want to tackle 

Without a doubt, there is an undiscovered community of students with mental health issues that need to be brought to the attention of all Rocky High School community members. Project Unity is focusing on caring for Rocky students who are of different ethnic backgrounds dealing with mental health issues. Project Unity not only wants to focus on mental health issues of students, but also on resolving discrimination towards people of different ethnic backgrounds.


What actions we can take to tackle these issues

Members are continuing to work on actions they as a group can progress with whilst making a long-lasting impact on the Rocky community. Members of this project are planning on launching a campaign within Rocky for Mental Health Awareness, as well as starting a club that allows students to support one another through the tough times. Not to mention, Project Unity wants to promote diversity clubs like Los Lobos, Cultural Arms, and Diversity Club to inform students who don’t feel welcomed at Rocky and let them know that there are places for them to feel safe.


Stay tuned Lobos! Big moves are being made…