Rocky x CSU | Project Unity – Week 2

Alan Anaya and Edgar Morales

CSU students/advisers
RMHS advisers for this project (Left to Right) Mr. Knobloch, Mrs. Reina, Ms. Quiros, Ms. Van Dyne, Ms. Rumbley

Having their first “official” session, the members of this project set a base plan and discussed how they will accomplish their set goals in the upcoming months. The group will be driven by an abundance of guidelines that the members will dive into and converse about. The plan is as follows.


Advisers desire to supply students with empowerment to allow them to convert their ideas into the actions they want to see. Not to mention, students will be held accountable for representing themselves, understanding and respecting views and opinions


Advisers will take lead in their small groups and begin to unravel the identities of each member. Doing so will help members relate to one another and build strong bonds between one another. 


Students and advisers will identify opportunities for public work that can build their surrounding communities to a higher standard meaning teaching people how to be comfortable around other races. Also, this project hopes to improve conversations between other ethnicities 

Students and coaches discussing guidelines.

Two students involved shared their personal goals for the group. Joyce Guillen, 12th, said she wanted to get people to be more inclusive and include more people of different backgrounds and to get people to put themselves out there more and take risks. She is excited to see what ideas the members have for solving these problems. 


Junior Lised Perez said, “I hope to shed light on the hidden problems in our community and looks forward to hearing the stories of others and building relationships with new people.” 


Lastly, Rocky Spanish teacher Ms. Quiros said she, “Wants students to know it’s not okay to use hate speech at Rocky Mountain High School.”


Ms. Quiros summed up the program nicely by saying, “I’m excited about student empowerment  and excited to see them become strong leaders.”