DIY Clothing Trends You Need to Try

Della Fisher, Staff Writer

Customizing clothes has become a huge trend all over social media, from things like painting on jeans to creating new pieces. Here’s how you can get this trend.

  1. Painting     

Painting on clothing like the pockets of jeans and t-shirts has been everywhere. This is a great way to express yourself through your clothes if your artistically talented. To make this shirt I used basic fabric paint and roughly outlined the the characters in pencil then free handed the paint. The paint options are really really limitless. This is definitely something you should try if you like to paint.

  1. Bedazzling   

The 2000’s has been an influencer in clothing and bedazzled clothing was huge back then. This can be used in many different ways, but I chose to outline the collar with rhinestones. This would also look super cool if you chose to take a shirt with a logo and bedazzle that. I made the rhinestones stick to the shirt is by using fabric adhesive and gluing them on one by one. You should check this trend out if you are into crafts.

  1. Embroidery     

Embroidery on clothing has been a huge trend throughout 2019. Embroidery is super easy to do once you learn the basic steps. I embroidered this leopard pattern on a basic t-shirt. This is the perfect trend to try if you want a project. There are multiple embroidery tutorials on YouTube that can help you get started and embroidery floss and needles are very inexpensive.

  1. Patches     

Patches are a cool and easy way of customizing clothes. You can find tons of different patches all over Fort Collins and on Amazon. They are inexpensive and you can pick ones that cater to your interests. I ironed on this patch onto a basic navy shirt. This is the perfect trend if you want a simple way of spicing up your clothes.






Customizing clothing is a super cool way to express yourself. This is a trend anyone can try because of all the different methods you can use and the varying costs that will work with any budget. Give it a try this summer!