Staff Kids and Teacher Parents

Torie Wolf, Staff Writer

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  • Not only does junior, Alec Hargreave’s dad work at Rocky but he is also his wrestling coach. Alec says he loves that his dad brings him food, but isn’t the biggest fan of his dad chaperoning school dances.

  • Senior twins Ethan and Megan Knierim have very different opinions on what it's like to go to school with their dad, Kurt. Ethan likes the fact he can just hitch a ride in the morning and really loves the fact random people know random facts about his life that his dad has so kindly shared to his classes. As for Megan, she isn't the biggest fan when her dad decides to pop into her classes but says she enjoys, “when I get to see my dad in the halls because I work a lot; I don’t get to see him as much at home.”

  • My sister and I might not look alike, but we are definitely related to each other and to Mrs.Wolf, the art teacher. Our favorite perk of being a staff kid is the fact that we can use her office like a walk in locker. When it comes to Ella, she isn't the biggest fan of everyone always going, “oh, look, it's your mom!” She knows what her mom looks like, friends. As for me, I hate when my mom brings up home stuff at school. For example when she tells me to clean my room--when I’m in her class.

  • Senior Maggie Cronen Is another art teacher’s kid at Rocky. She said, “The best part is I can see her whenever I want.” When it comes to the one thing that really gets on Maggie’s nerves, “is when I find out some tea and go to tell my mom and she tells me ‘I already knew that.’”

  • Have you ever had your dad as your math teacher? Well freshman Jackson Harding has. Try having your dad yell at your class, it's weird Jackson explained. However It's not all bad because, “I get to use his microwave and get extra help on my math homework.”

  • Freshman, Taveti Luiafiu doesn’t mind that his dad works at Rocky because he likes to hang out in his office and if he ever forgets something at home he can count on his dad to get it. Sometimes it gets old he said, “We always seem to talk about school.”

  • Seen from the picture you can see just how much junior Hunter Dyer loves is dad. His favorite thing about being a staff kid is the fact he gets to make his schedule early, but the trade off is the feeling like he can never escape his dad.

  • When your dad is the head football coach of the city 2018 champions you would expect to hear a lot of football related jokes and comment, but sophomore Taylor Brook says it gets old after a while. The best part about going to school with the football coach is the fact that, “we are both very connected in Rocky and it's something we share,” she explained.

  • If you think having your parent as a teacher is weird, try having your dad as your principal, like junior Jordan and freshman Ryan Woodall. It’s not all bad they explained. Ryan loves that she can steal candy from her dad’s office and Jordan likes that she knows all the gossip about the staff and students. It does come with some disadvantages. Jordan explained, “People seem scared or something to tell me stuff because they think I will go and tell my dad--which I wouldn’t.” Ryan is tired of everyone telling her what her dad is “doing wrong” as if they think they could do better.

  • Ms. Nickel, one of the assistant principals, has three of her seven daughters at Rocky. The oldest, senior Katie Thomas, loves all the free food in the office and the fact that her mom saves some for her. Katie’s sophomore sisters Avery and Elliana like that when they forget to get their permission slip signed, they can just go see her, and that they can talk to her whenever they want. Avery and Katie both hate the fact that their mom calls them by their childhood nicknames. When it comes to Elliana, she is not a fan that kids put down her achievements. “A lot of people told me I only got into Peers because of my mom, instead of just being happy for me.”