“Students You Give Me Hope”


“HOW MANY MORE” reads one protester sign, referencing the school shootings and their victims.

Emma Mackey , Staff Writer

Attending the student organized walk-out on Tuesday February 27th was one of the most touching and inspiring experiences that I’ve ever been a part of. Having so many individuals so empowered to see a change happen created an environment of tangible love and support. Students who had never met before held hands and said hello to one another. The community of Northern Colorado was truly showcased.


When arriving at Old Town Square I was surprised to see an abundance of adults with their own signs, most of which showed support for the students and gave praise to the attendees for standing up and sparking change. A sign that moved me personally was one that read in bold red letters, “Students you give me Hope”. Students from elementary to high school ages participated in chants as well as 17 minutes of silence, moving many in the crowd to tears.


The turnout was equally as breathtaking. The square was completely packed; students and their signs calling for change filled it entirely, some so far back that they could hardly hear those on the stage. Students all the way from Loveland and Laporte were a part of the crowd, showing support for the victims of Marjory Stoneman Douglas and voicing hopes for change.


Seeing so many people willing to come together to show support for a community that’s still reeling after the latest mass shooting gave me hope for the future. Maybe people my age will be able to make a change? Maybe our voices were loud enough to make that difference.