Recycling In Fort Collins: Plastics, Recycling Centres and Sorty McSortface


Lilah Claycomb, Staff Writer

The recycling movement began in the 1960s. That was around 60 years ago, yet the environment has only become more polluted. We aren’t doing our job as inhabitants of the earth and keeping our planet clean. All you have to do is clean out and recycle that soda can that you were going to throw away, or maybe do a little bit of research. Gen Z is going to be living on this planet for the next century, so it is our obligation to keep it safe.

What is recycling? That is probably not a question that needs answered but just in case, recycling is technically defined as “the action or process of converting waste into reusable material.” Few people are actually informed on how to reuse recyclable materials, so if you aren’t interested in learning how then simply make sure that you get those materials to someone who can reuse them.

If you do want to know how to recycle on your own then I recommend that you turn to the internet. If not, then you should still make sure that you are properly informed about what to recycle and what not to. Assumptions about materials can lead to crisis.

An example of such assumptions is the plastic bag dilemma where birds eat entire grocery bags, choke, and die. It is a brutal concept, to say the least. We are often told to recycle plastic, but what we aren’t told is that a lot of plastic cannot be recycled, like plastic bags. Clothing hangers are another example. Other non-recyclable items that feel like they should be recyclable include styrofoam, bubble wrap, dishes, some toys and electronic cords.

Once you know what to recycle you have to figure out what where to put all of it. That is where recycling centers come in. Recycling centers officially implies an establishment, place of business, facility or building which is maintained, operated, or used for the storing, keeping, buying, or selling of newspaper or used food or beverage containers or plastic containers for the purpose of converting such items into a usable product. In simple terms, places where you take your recycling, sort them into bins and then leave it there for other people to deal with. It is so easy.

Many things are being done about the recycling crisis, despite the average person’s inability to change their habits. Some scientists are making blocks out of plastic and building houses out of them! Like giant Lego. I am a tiny bit obsessed.

However, there is one recycling tool that I am more obsessed with and the reason I write this article in the first place. The machine, the myth, the legend, Sorty McSortface.

“Sorty McSortface” and his loyal sidekick “Sir Sorts-a-Lot” are robots who are working with Colorado to “revolutionize” recycling. They basically just sort recycling. Now you don’t have to do it!

Do you see how easy it is? You have to make a few tiny decisions every day and you can save the world. So do it. Recycling, and let Sorty McSortface and Sir Sorts-a-Lot do their jobs.