How to Enjoy Halloween Safely


"Halloween Pumpkins" by lobo235 is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Because this Halloween will look different, we’ve complied three things to replace the classic experience.

Payton Perkins, Editor

Let’s face it, Halloween is going to look different this year. The stars are all aligned for this Halloween to be the ultimate one–it’s on a Saturday, the full moon is out, and we get an extra hour from daylight savings, but COVID means that normal trick or treating and partying isn’t in the cards. Here are a few ways you can still be in the spooky spirit this Halloween.


  1. Fashion a safe candy delivery system.

A recent viral video shows an ingenious way to hand out candy. All you’ll need is some string, a lightweight basket with a handle, a mailbox, tree, or pole, and some spooky decorations. Tie your string, measuring from a spot at your door to your attachment of choice, with little slack. String your basket on the string, tie it off, and reel your basket in when you need to add and deliver candy. Decorate with a ghost, a bat, or a spooky mask. Ideally, it scares at least one child. 


  1. Go do some good old fashioned ghost hunting. 

Most patches of woods around the Fort Collins area boast a ghost or two. It is, after all, the third most haunted town in America. Take a few friends, bring some flashlights, and see if you can’t make some connections with the spirits. According to most spiritualists, ghosts respond best to genuine attempts at communication rather than goofing off. Disclaimer: don’t venture onto private property, bring others and stay together, and don’t set fires.


  1. Stay inside and watch some of these movies. 

Maybe making that candy hopper is too much, or it’s way too cold to go ghost hunting. Here are four spooky movies that will get you in the spirit. 

Hocus Pocus (1993) Disney+ – While not spooky, this movie will get you in a lighthearted mood for the holiday. It’s ideal to curl up with a black cat and huge bowl of popcorn and relive every Halloween movie feature on the Disney channel.

Coraline (2009) Hulu – This movie is terrifying. Based on the book by legendary author Neil Gaiman, Coraline will make you afraid of things like attic doors and buttons. You can technically show it to kids, but unless you’re in the business of traumatizing children, it’s not recommended.

Poltergeist (1982) Netflix – I will admit, this movie is super corny. Classic family who moves into a new house being haunted, clairvoyant youngest child, a house over a graveyard, it’s all there. If you want the most timeless Halloween experience, Poltergeist is your go to.

The Conjuring (2013) Amazon Prime – Bring a friend who you trust not to easily succumb to possession for this one, you’ll need the moral support. It’s based on a real ghost hunting couple, who’s home still houses the infamous Annabelle doll. Good luck sleeping.


BONUS: For the extra touch, any of the listed activities pair great with some spiced apple cider.