10 Things I Can’t Live Without


These are a few of my favorite things.

Lindsay Grimm, Staff Writer

A lot of the time life feels as though it’s dragging and dull, and the days start to feel like they’re all the same. However, there are always things that brighten people’s days and remind us that life isn’t all bad. Though these things differ from person to person, here are the ten things that my life would be just a bit worse without. 


Video games: When I was a kid, my days would slip away while I was playing games on my dad’s Playstation 2 or on my parent’s computers while they were busy. Nowadays, I spend probably too much time on my computer playing games with my friends. It’s always cathartic to win a game at the end of a long day or to let out my frustrations by trash-talking the enemy team. Playing games has always been my primary way of passing time, and I don’t know what I’d do without it. 


Friends: I’m not saying that I could live without my family-because I couldn’t-but these days when I’m stuck inside with them constantly, their presence can quickly switch from comforting to annoying. Spending time with my friends always makes me feel better and takes my mind off of whatever is bothering me. Having a group of friends that I can talk to makes my life exponentially better.


Boba: I have spent well over $200 at Ding Tea. When school was in-person, I would go there everyday and get a matcha milk tea with black boba for lunch. Punching the straw through the plastic top of the drink makes it so much more satisfying when you actually drink it, and taking the first sip of my drink is always the best moment of my day.


Vietnamese food: I will always be so thankful for the fact that I’m half Vietnamese. Whether it’s pho or banh mi, Vietnamese food will always be my favorite thing to eat. Unfortunately, like boba, Vietnamese restaurants in Northern Colorado are few and far between. Fortunately for me, if I want good Vietnamese food, all I have to do is go to my grandma’s house.


Guayaki Yerba Mate: I’ve never been the type of person to enjoy coffee; I hate the taste and it hurts my stomach. And maybe it’s because I always drink caffeine on an empty stomach, but other energy drinks just make me feel like my heart is about to explode. I don’t know if it’s just because the bright yellow can is cute, but having a Yerba for breakfast always ensures that I start my day on a positive note. 


Spotify premium: I’m one of those people that can’t function at school unless I have my headphones with me. The right music can change the ambiance of any situation to whatever I want it to be, whether I’m feeling gloomy or energetic. I love being able to see what my friends are listening to on Spotify, and sharing my account with one of my friends helps the two of us stay connected even when we don’t see each other for months. If I didn’t have Spotify premium, I’m sure that my days would be filled with boredom and frustration. 


My car: Cars were never really my thing growing up. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate nice cars just as much as anyone else, but I was never particularly picky about what car I had, and I definitely didn’t expect I’d be getting a car when I turned sixteen. That being said, my car is one of my favorite things in the world. He’s a 2015 Honda Civic, and although he remains unnamed after a year and a half, I’ve grown really attached to him. From hitting an angry CBD oil salesman’s car in a parking lot to getting lost on the way to Boulder with my friends, my car has gone on countless adventures with me. 


Pokemon: When I was in third grade, my parents gave me a Nintendo DS and a few Pokemon games for Christmas. After that, I’d spend hours everyday playing through each game and then resetting it just to play again with a different team of Pokemon. Although I don’t have that DS anymore, I still absolutely love Pokemon and play on my Nintendo Switch. Whether it’s playing Pokemon Go with my dad or the countless memories I have with the games, the Pokemon franchise is definitely something that’s very important to me. 


Writing: The first time I wrote was when I was in kindergarten and everyone in the elementary school I went to had to write a story. My memory of kindergarten is hazy, but I do remember winning first place out of all the kindergartners in my class. After that, I realized how much I actually liked to write, and I’d always be writing a new story when I was a kid. These days, I don’t write as much as I’d like to, but writing was always the best way for me to express myself. 


The color green: This one is a bit stupid, but I feel like having something green in a room, usually a plant, just makes it feel more alive. The color green is a cool color, but it doesn’t feel cold. Green is a color that feels like it’s filled with so much life, and I love having it around me. I’d like to say green is my favorite color, but it’s pretty far down on the list. There’s just something about green that makes me feel like my quality of life would suffer without it.